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William Currier was born about 1645  in England.  There are hints that he may have been from London &/or Yorkshire. No firm documentation exists for either - so far.  His parents are unknown.   The Index to Early Maryland Settlers 1634 - 1682 by Brewster notes that Liber 6, folio 295 found in the Maryland Hall of Records state that William Courtier (Currier) was transported 1664. 

Our William was married to Jane by  1687 when they purchased Helena in Cecil Ct, on the North East River. The original deed is lost but Julia Mortenson found a later sale of the same property by their grandson, which states the date of the purchased from George Talbot Cecil County Deeds Vol 6, page 383.  In trying to find exactly where Helena was located I found where the son of James Paul Heath, Daniel Heath sold Helena to Edward Mitchell EsqCecil Ct. Deed Book 10, page 270 gives a description of dimensions and describes the muddy gut running through a marsh.  The next deed found Cecil Ct. Deed Book 19, page 37-39 places Helena next to Seneca Point - which is still on current maps.  It lies a half mile south of the southern edge of Charlestown Maryland.

The original patent given to George Talbot, Patent Record SDA, page 230 in 1683 was for 32000 acres in Cecil Ct called New Conought Mannor also known as Susquehanna Manor.  This land is on the West side of the North East River.  The area just east was called New Ireland.  William Currer was the Deputy Surveyor for New Ireland, Nov 1687.  This according to Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700 by Peter Wilson Coldham.

There are numerous court records where William Currier is either a witness, or in one case noted below an estate appraiser.  We can assume he had an honorable reputation within his community.

4/30/1696 - Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of
Maryland. 1688-1698.
John Beavell 13B.110 I 23.17.0 Apr 30 1696
The amount of the inventory also included in #2920.
Appraisers: William Currer, Humphrey Kelly.

Abstracts of Cecil Co. Maryland land records 1673-1751 by June Brown (on Google Books)
10/15/1698 - p. 189 Deed of Gift James Robinson of Cecil Co. to son James Robinson and because he is moving 300 acres at Plumpoit by Elk River the land where his father now lives and holds the patent. 10/15/1698 Witnesses Will Currer, Benoni Clark.

6/2/1699 - p. 190 Deed Peter Clauson of Cecil Co. planter to John Cousine of the same place, planter 100 acres of land on the West side of Elk river, part of the manor called St. Johnís, by Church Creek  and bounded by the land of Peter Manadee. 6/2/1699 Witnesses Will Currer, James Robinson 

There is speculation in the Currier files of the Cecil County Historical Society that Jane was the widow of Thomas Currier.  According to the St. John's Manor Rent Rolls, Vol 2, page 345, Aug 4, 1664 Joane Currier, widow of Thomas Currier, possessed 100 acres.  St. John's Manor is just southeast of the town of North East.   The timing and name is certainly suggestive.

William and Jane Currier are believed to have had the following children:
1.  William Currier married Mary Geroge Dec. 26, 1713
2.  Katharine Currier married Joseph Young
3.  John Currier married Sarah. He died May 1738
4.  Thomas Currier married Mary Husband.

There is a note in the Currier Family Files in the Cecily County Historical Society that says "On Oct. 29, 1705 Jane Currior, widow and relict of William Currier, files as administratrix of William Currier's estate"  It also gives his death date as Oct. 15, 1703.  This was written by Grace J. Currier, but she does not give the sources for her info.  There will be an inventory in the records and very likely a will.  That would be a reasonable source for the children's names.  They were born before the local church, St. Mary Anne's was keeping records. 

It is not known where William was buried.  Nothing more is known about Jane Currier after Oct. 29, 1705.  I believe it possible that one of the sons, possible John became master of Helena.  Jane probably continued to live there until her death.  It is always possible she married again.

There are numerous references to Currier's and interesting speculations of their origin, current family in the same area, and possible connections to the Currier of Currier and Ives.  For those references click on this link to More Currier.

If you know the answer please CONTACT US
1. Where was William Currier born and who were his parents?
2.  What was Jane's maiden name?
3.  Where was Jane born, and who were her parents?
4.  Find a source for his death date.
5.  Get a copy of William's Will or Inventory at least.
6.  What happened to Jane after William died?

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