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Milliscent was born 1686, probably in Cecil County, Maryland.  Her tombstone has her death date and her age at that time. re  Find a grave under Melicent Hyland   Her birth name is unknown so therefore are her parents.  However, there was a Milliscent  named in a 1707 will, the daughter of Thomas Hitchcock.written Oct 12, 1707. Probate Feb 25, 1707/8 in the Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol 3, page unknown. The will just said "dau Millycent. "  The name is unusual enough, the time and place are appropriate for Millycent Hitchcock to be our Milliscent.  The dwelling plantation of Thomas Hitchcock  was in the St. Johns Manor, at least part on Ferry Rd. very near the Hyland and Johnson estates.  Cecil county Deed book 4, page 376-7

Our Milliscent married Nicholas Hyland about this time, 1707/8.  Her first child was Nicholas Hyland, said to be born about 1709.  He married 1730, so the dates work.  They had another son John Hyland born about 1711. Milliscent Hyland was made a widow on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 1719.  Nicholas was just 36 years old at the time. Find a grave under Nicholas Hyland.  The family lived on the estate Triumph in St. John's Manor.  The original patent was made to John Collect & George Gouldsmith for 1000 acres in 1665.  Then it came into the hands of Henry Johnson and wife Elizabeth of Baltimore County.  I don't know how or when, but they sold 500 acres to John Hyland, Milliscent's father-in-law on June 3, 1678.  The other 500 acres were sold to Robert Hawkins.

By the will of Nicholas Hyland he left his land on the Elk River  to his son Nicholas and land on the Susquehanna River to son John.  He also directed that his sons were to be brought up by the rules of the Church of England.  This is recounted in the History of Cecil County written in 1881 by George Johnston page 524. Mr. Johnston went on to surmise that Milliscent, as executrix rigidly adhered to this because Nicholas the younger was a member of the House of Delegates from Cecil County almost continuously from 1751 to 1766, where he always favored legislation against the "Popish Priests and Jesuits".  I do not have the will of Nicholas Hyland - but it is found in Cecil County Will Book AA-1 page 61.  The family continued at Triumph even after she remarried.  The Cecil county Accounts 1717-1776, lists book 4, page 164 notes that on June 27, Millison Hyland Extrx to estate of her husband, Nicholas Hyland, dec.  noted disbursements to Peter Carmek, Richard Grayaser, Richard Snowden, Jacob Vanbibber, Wm Cox and Nicholas Moore.  As you will see below, she was clearing up business.

Milliscent Hyland, now the widow, lived as a neighbor to Thomas Johnson.  I do not believe there is a connection to the previously mentioned  Henry Johnson.

 In June 1722 Milliscent went to Cecil County Court, Deed book 3, pages 508/9.  for the natural love of her sons she gave to them the following:
To Nicholas , who was 13 years old at the time: a negro boy, Pompey, 15 barrels of Indian Corn, a Brown cow and a Ewe, with the brand of her late husband.  They animals were to remain under Milliscents care. When he became 21 he would receive all the above plus any increase, up to 4 cows and sheep.  She would keep any above that.
To John, who was 11 years old: a negro boy, Peter, 15 barrels of Indian Corn.  These two he would receive when he became 21 years of age.  He was also given a cow and ewe, with the Hyland brand to stay in her care until he became  age 14.  then the cow and ewe would become his property along with any increase up to 4 each.   
I do not know why Nicholas had to be older to receive his animals than John, but that seems to be what the document says.

The really interesting thing about the document is that Milliscent Hyland signed the original document, with her mark on June 16, 1722.  On June 30, 1722 there were a series of alternations made that was witnessed by Thomas Johnson. and S. Knight.   the document must have been recopied, as there are no visible alterations in the filed document. 

Thomas Johnson wed Milliscent Hyland the next day, July 1, 1722.  It is recorded at St. Mary Anne’s parish records of North East Maryland. The records were compiled into Early Anglican Church Records of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden, Jr., page 80. 

Thomas and Milliscent Johnson had 3 children.  Their births were recorded in the St. Mary Anne's Parish Records, and in the Peden Book, page 80
    Elizabeth Johnson born April 6, 1723.  She died as infant Sept 6, 1723
    Milliscent Johnson born Oct 14, 1724 "about 8 of the clock in the evening"
    Edward Johnson born March 20, 1726

Millicent Johnson, wife of Thomas Johnson died Aug 6, 1734, buried Aug. 9 1734. Recorded at St. Mary Anne’s. pg 80 of Peden.  She was buried next to her first husband Nicholas Hyland.  Her grave stone still exists and has been cared for by her descendants to this day.  Photo Link   Her son Nicholas was already married and probably living on his inherited land at Harmony Hall.  John may still have been at home.  He did not marry until 1739.

It appears that Thomas Johnson quickly marries again to Rebekah, last name unknown.  That record is not in the church records but the following is all in St. Mary Anne's and Peden Pages 60 & 61.They had 2 children
   Rebekah Johnson " born Oct. 11 1735 about 10 o’clock in the morning."
   Thomas Johnson Jr. born  Sept 1737.  He died and was buried Nov 5,1738.

Thomas Johnson died Jan 7, 1738. 10 months before his namesake died.  It is not known where he is buried.  It is in  the St. Mary Anne's Records and Peden page 61 “Thomas Johnson father of Thomas Johnson Jr. died buried Jan 7, 1738. 

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