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Thomas Johnson was born about 1685, probably in Cecil County, Maryland.  There are a number of Thomas and Edward Johnson's appearing in land records, wills and church records between 1700 and 1748.  They appear to be from the same area of Cecil County.  However, the specific relationship has not yet been established.  So I do not know who his parents were.

The Johnson family or possible different families owned many tracks of land in Cecil County.  Julia Mortenson created a document listing the Johnson Lands in an attempt to connect the various family members logically.  It is a work in progress.  This will link it to a recent version: Johnson Lands.

Thomas Johnson wed Milliscent Hyland July 1, 1722  recorded at St. Mary Anne’s parish records of North East Maryland. The records were compiled into Early Anglican Church Records of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden, Jr., page 80.  She was the widow of Nicholas Hyland, who lived very close to Thomas Johnson.  Her maiden name is unknown.   However, there was a Milliscent  named in a will in 1707, the daughter of Thomas Hitchcock.written Oct 12, 1707. Probate Feb 25, 1707/8 in the Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol 3, page unknown. The will just said dau Millycent.  Our Milliscent married Nicholas Hyland about that time.  The name is unusual enough, the time and place or appropriate for Millycent Hitchcock to have been the wife of first Nickolas Hyland and then Thomas Johnson.  However, documentation is needed.   Her first child was Nicholas Hyland said to be born about 1709.  He married 1730, so the dates work.
The Johnson family lived on the Johnson estate Triumph on Elks Neck on the Elk River.  The family  included Milliscent's two sons by her marriage to Nicholas Hyland:      
   Nicholas Hyland  born about 1709
   John Hyland born about 1711

By the will of Nicholas Hyland the senior he left his land on the Elk River to his son Nicholas and land on the Susquehanna River to John.  He also directed that his sons to be brought up by the rules of the church of England.  This is recounted in the History of Cecil County written in 1881 by George Johnston page 524.  Mr. Johnston went on to surmise that Milliscent, as executrix rigidly adhered to this because Nicholas the younger was a member of the House of Delegates from this county almost continuously from 1751 to 1766, where he always favored legislation against the "Popish Priests and Jesuits".   I do not have the will of Nicholas Hyland. - yet

Thomas and Milliscent Johnson had 3 children.  Their births were recorded in the St. Mary Anne's Parish Records, and in the Peden Book, page 80
    Elizabeth Johnson born April 6, 1723.  She died as infant Sept 6, 1723
    Milliscent Johnson born Oct 14, 1724 "about 8 of the clock in the evening"
    Edward Johnson born March 20, 1726

Millicent Johnson, wife of Thomas Johnson died Aug 6, 1734, buried Aug. 9 1734. Recorded at St. Mary Anne’s. pg 80 of Peden.  She was buried next to her first husband Nicholas Hyland.  Her grave stone still exists and has been cared for by her descendants to this day.  Photo Link   Her son Nicholas was already married and probably living on his inherited land Harmony Hall.  John may still have been at home.  He did not marry until 1739.

It appears that Thomas Johnson quickly marries again to Rebekah, last name unknown.  That record is not in the church records but the following is all in St. Mary Anne's and Peden Pages 60 & 61.
   Rebekah Johnson " born Oct. 11 1735 about 10 o’clock in the morning."
   Thomas Johnson Jr. born  Sept 29, 1737.  He died and was buried Nov 5,1738.

Thomas Johnson died Jan 7, 1738.  It is not known where he is buried.  It is in  the St. Mary Anne's Records and Peden page 61 “Thomas Johnson father of Thomas Johnson Jr. died buried Jan 7, 1738. 

By the direction of Thomas’ will, Edward Johnson, who was 12-years-old when his father died was to “remain and be under the care and guardianship of my beloved brother Edward Johnson until he shall be one and twenty years of age.”.  Rebecca was named administratrix to his will.  It is not known where young Edward’s uncle lived  Milliscent Johnson was 14-years-old at the time and was to “remain under the Guardianship of his wife Rebekah until she was 16-years- old.  Rebekah and Thomas’ 3-year-old daughter, also named Rebekah Johnson was not named in the will but would have also remained with her mother.  The widow, Rebekah was given the plantation with permission to sell, if needed to pay debts.  If she did not sell, she could live there and upon her death the estate reverted to his son Edward.

There is a very strange deed, Cecil County Deed Book 5, page 531 whereon June 12, 1739  Rebekah Johnson  buys ??? Triumph, 1000 acres for 30 pounds from William and Mary Jones.  I can find no record of how the Jones ' came to own Triumph.  It was an indenture.  I've never completely understood that words.  Could it have been mortgaged to them for 30 pounds after Thomas died and this is her paying off the mortgage??

Then Cecil County deed Book 6, page 21 does show that she sold Triumph "formerly purchased by my deceased husband Thomas Johnson on May 12, 1730 from Thomas Crouch.".  She sold it to Simon Wilmer of Kent County Maryland  on June 11, 1740

I don't know whether Rebehak married again. However, Cecil County Historical Society has a book Cecil County Accounts 1717-1776 by Anne Walker Burns.  A number of entries refer to Rebehak Johnson Book 19, page 156.  Accounty for Rev. William Wye and Rebecca his wife, extrx for Thomas Johnson dec.  dated May 26, 1742.  Then Book 41, page 412, Rebecca Wye, admx for Rev. William Wye, dec, dated Nov. 1, 1757.  So it would seem that Rebekah married Rev. Wye, and buried him 15 or so years later. Rev. Wye became minister of St. Mary Anne's Episcopal Church in 1735 and was still there when the building, which still stands laid it's cornerstone in 1742.  There is no reason to believe he did not remain there until his death.

 On Aug. 15, 1764 Rebecca Johnson, seamstress bought 14 acres of Resurvey on St. John's Manor from Nicholas Hyland.  Cecil county Deed Book 10, page 25.  St. John's Manor is just upstream on the elk from Harmony Hall and I believe Triumph.  This was probably the daughter of Thomas Johnson. this Nicholas Hyland would have been the brother or nephew of Thomas' daughter Rebekah

If you know the answer please CONTACT US
1.  When was he born?
2. Who were Thomas' parents?
3. Look at original St. Mary Anne’s church records. and get it's page documentation.
4. Where were the various land holdings of the Johnson and how do they play into the story?
5. What was his wifes maiden name? or confirm that it was Hitchcock.
6.  Where was Thomas buried? 
7.  Was there a Johnson family burial plot on one of the land tracks?

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