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      The Boulden family were early planters on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  Their story goes back to Jamestown 1610 when Thomas Boulden came to Virginia.  He moved up the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island and was buried there in 1665.  The family continued expanding north into Cecil County and eventually across the state line into Delaware.

      Estelle Smith Kepler wrote The Boulden Family .which gave us a first look at the extensiveness of this family.  I am sure the Cecil County Historical Society has a copy. 

      Augustina Boulden was born Oct. 28, 1741 to James Boulden and Elizabeth Phillips from St. Stephen's Parish records as noted on page 38 of Early anglican church Records of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden, Jr. 

      Augustine Boulden married Thomas Boulden Jr.  They were first cousins.   Her father James was brother to Thomas' father Richard Boulden.  They had  one known child, but her father, James Boulden's will, dated January 4,  1783, Cecil county Will book M1, page 7-11, stated "I give and bequeath unto the children of my daughter Augustine, the sum of five pounds to be equally divided among them their mother having had her sufficient part from me before her death."   He would have know the difference between child and children, so there must have been at least one more and possibly more  The one we know is:
      John Boulden born 1767

       John was raised at "Bristol", part of a large track in Back Creek Neck on Back Creek. .  The farm still exists.  It is on Elk Forest Rd, between the Elk River and Back Creek (now the Chespeake Delaware Canal).

      Thomas Boulden died after July 26, 1780, the date he had been commissioned JP for Cecil County.  James Boulden, possibly Augustina's father, but more likely her brother James Boulden, was appointed guardian of the 14 year old son.

      So it is apparent that Augustina Boulden died before her husband, as there wouldn't have been need for an appointed guardian for her son John.

      On March 13, 1783 there was a Valuation of Lands of John Boulden, minor, son of Thomas Boulden, deceased, lists Bristol, 110 acres, Warwick and Triangle 11 Acres, Richard's Choice/ maybe Chance 135 acres and Boulden's Choice 9 acres. Cecil County Land Record Book, Vol 15, folio 218.  The sites were probably contiguous.  For the Appraiser stated 180 acres was cleared, and no more ought to be cleared.  It also went on to state there was a new square log 1 1/2 story house, a seperate kitchen, a granary, smoke house, stable, corn house, a rentable house, and "one Proud Log Quarter house".   John Boulden would be considered very well off.


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