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      The Boulden family were early planters on the Eastern shore of Maryland.  Their story goes back to Jamestown 1610 when Thomas Boulden came to Virginia.  He moved up the Chesapeake Bay to Kent Island and was buried there in 1665.  The family continued expanding north into Cecil County and eventually across the state line into Delaware.

      Estelle Smith Kepler wrote The Boulden Family .which gave us a first look at the extensiveness of this family.  I am sure the Cecil County Historical Society has a copy.  The name has a number of variation and I will use the spelling within the document noted.

      James Boulden was born Sept 4,1712 to William Boulden and Thomasin Nash Boulden from St. Stephen's Parish records as noted on page 38 of Early anglican church Records of Cecil County by Henry C. Peden, Jr.  He may have been their youngest child. 

                    Daughter of American Colonists' Lineage Book 1779 about 1735 state that James Boulding wed Elizabeth Phillips . The                     wedding may well have taken place in St. Stephen's but I don't  have any source.   Elizabeth's father, Nathan Phillips                         named her Elizabeth Boulding in his Will probated May 24, 1748 

 James and Elizabeth Boulden lived on a plantation in Pencader Hundred, New Castle County  Delaware. This is right next to Cecil County Maryland. They had 8 known children in an unknown order: The birth dates of Nathan and Augustina are given in the St. Stephen's Records, but the others are unknown. Except for Elijah's wife Sarah, all other spouses are in various web family trees, but I have no documentation for them or their birth dates.

      1.  Nathan, born Feb. 22, 1737, said to wed Sara Bolling and he died Sept 28, 1802 and is buried  in Old Welsh                     Track Baptish Church Cemetery in Newark De. re Find a Grave
      2. Augustina born Oct 21, 1741 married Thomas Boulden Jr. her first cousin

                3. Elijah married  Sarah Ford, her first name was in James' will, he died prior to 1783 re will
                4. Elisha said to wed Elizabeth, and he died Feb. 1821 in New Castle DE.
                    Elijah and Elisha
were twins - re another Boulden researcher ie catawba
                5. James Jr. said to wed Rebecca Thompson and that he died Se.t 9, 1826
                6. Rachel spouse unknown - she was not married when James' will was written in 1783
                7. Jesse said to wed Mary, and that he died Aug. 24, 1772
                8. Thomas said to wed Jane Bunker and that he died 1821

      Re the History of Cecil county Maryland by George Johnston written in 1881, on page 102 Augustine Herman made the first patent to "Misfortune" later to be called Three Bohemian Sisters.  It contained 1339 acres, was on the north side of Chesapeake City and extended to the Delaware River.  This was well before the Delaware - Chesapeake Canal was built.

      James Boulden on some date before 1762 came into possession of a portion of Three Bohemian Sisters.

      On April 3, 1762 James Boulding sold to Henry Ward Pearce 130 acres of a part of that tract. Maryland Land Records, Vol 9, page 430. described as  from a Red Oak next to Willam Tice's land southeast to Old Kings Rd, then north to Long Creek then back to Red Oak.

      On Jan 16, 1770 Henry Pearce sold to James Bouldin, both of Cecil County, 414 acres of Three Bohemian Sisters. Maryland land Records, Deed Book 11, page 496.  The description has many turns, and trees involved but its start is a tree near an Ancient Road called Choptank Rd, crosses the main branch of Long Creek, eventually to the north east corner of Samuel Glenns's land, more along Long Creek, with too many twist and trees to enumerate.

      A few months later Robert Lowry sold to James Boldin, both of Cecil county part of a track called Jones Green springs containing 40 acres and 34 perches.  Maryland Land Records, Deed Book 12, page 16.   It is described as beginning where southwest line of Charles Camp crosses the Old Meeting House Rd. running along said rd southeast, with many jogs & trees till it turns north and back to the start.  

      Sometime after 1770, James moved his family to Pencader Hundren in Delaware. In June 29, 1778 James and his son Nathan Boulden took the Oat of Allegiance.  I believe this was in Delaware.  Still need the actual source.

      In 1781 he bought land in Pencader Delaware, and may have moved there some years before.  This land is in New Castle County De. Deeds, Vol D-2, Folio 337.  But I do not have that deed in hand, so do not know what it refers to. 

      On the 1783 Cecil Tax List for Middle Neck, Bohemia Manor and Back Creek we find the following Bouldins from this family:
      James Boulden - plantation Jones Green Spring with 4 white inhabitants
      Thomas Boulden - no site given, with 8 white inhabitants
      James Boulden - no site given, with no white inhabitants.

      I don't believe that James, the first one listed, as the tax list did not add Jr. or Sr. to either James, actually lived at Jones Green Springs, but that Sarah and her children lived there. See will distributions below.

      James Boulden died early 1784.  His will was signed Jan 4, 1783 and proved Feb. 17, 1784 from Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle county, 1682-1800, page102 from Will book M7It states he was of Pencader Hundred.  Mentioned in the will are:
      wife, Elizabeth Boulden
      sons, James, Thomas, Nathan, and Elisha Boulden
      daughter Rachel
      children of son Jesse, daughter Augustine, son Elijah
      John & Hannah Faries
      Robert Lowry
      Widow of Elijah, Sarah Boulden
      Executor of the will was son James Boulden

      James Jr.  received the dwelling plantation with some additional land which James Sr. had purchased from John and Hannah Faries some time before 1780.  also 15 acres purchased from Robert Lowry. part of Jones Green Springs

      Thomas received plantation previously given to Elijah - now deceased plus 25 acres purchased from Lowry.  This is probably the Three Bohemian Sisters plus the Jones Green Springs.

      Elijah's widow, Sarah Boulden is given permission in the will to stay on the plantation for six years while she raises her children.


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  2.        How do I know that Thomas wed Augustina and that they were cousins?
  3.  Get the Delaware Deed D-2, folio 337
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