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Elizabeth Phillips was born about1715. Her father was Nathan Phillips. Her mother is unknown at this time. According to Maryland Marriages 1634-1777 Nathan Phillips wed Jane Simcoe on April 18, 1733 at St. Mary Ann's Parish in North East, Cecil County Maryland. As our Elizabeth was a mother in 1741, we do not believe that Jane Simcoe was her mother but Nathan's second wife.

Daughter of American Colonists' Lineage Book 1779 state that James Boulding wed Elizabeth Phillips, birth date unknown but she died 1785.

James and Elizabeth Boulden lived on a plantation in Pencader Hundred, New Castle County Delaware. This is right next to Cecil County Maryland. They had 9 known children in an unknown order:
1. Augustina born Oct 21, 1741 married Thomas Boulden Jr. her first cousin
2. James
3. Elijah and his twin married Sarah
4. Elisha
5. Thomas
6. Rachel married William Moore
7. Jesse
8. Nathan

was named guardian for Augustina and Thomas Boulden's son John. On Jan24, 1783 the Cecil County Record of Deeds show that "lands of John Boulden (minor) committed unto hands of James Boulden guardian". It was a lot of land and all in Cecil County on or near Back Creek. John inherited "Bristol" 110 acres, a Triangle of Warwick, 111 acres, "Richard's Choice" 135 acres, and Boulden's Choice 9 acres. John was born in 1767.

James Boulden died before Feb. 17, 1784 . According to the summary in Delaware Wills 1682-1800 James' will was written Jan 4, 1783 and filed Feb 17, 1784 and lists his wife Elizabeth, sons; James, Thomas Nathan, Elisha; then Sarah and children, widow of Elijah, children of Jesse deceased, daughters; Augustina already deceased for her children, Rachel who wed Richard Bolden; John and Hannah Faries, and Robert Lowrey.

As daughter Augustina is listed when he wrote the will on Jan 4, 1783, and he is shown to be guardian of Augustina's son on Jan 24, 1783, does that mean she died sometime during those 20 days?

Elizabeth Phillips Boulden died just a year later. The Calendar of Delaware Wills of New Castle County contains a summary of Elizabeth's will. It states that her will was written on Jan. 8 1785 and filed April 4, 1785. It lists Daughter Rachel, Sons Nathan, Elisha, Thomas, James, Son-in-law Richard Bolden, grandson Nathan, grandchildren: Benjamin and Abigail children of son Thomas, children of son Jesse, children of son Elijah dec. and children of daughter Augustin,a deceased. Her son James Bolden was executor.

I looked into the Recorder of Wills for New Castle county De.  They have a new computer system for researching wills.  It is very cumberson, and I apparently was the first to try it, summer 2015.  Elizabeth Boulden was not in their index.  Perhaps after they work out the kinks it should be searched again.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Who was her mother?

2. Where and when did Elizabeth and James marry?

3. Get copies of the original will.

4.  What were the birth dates of her children?

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