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Nathan Phillips was born about1680. We have a note that there is a Cecil County Will found in Liber 10, page 189 for Samuel Phillips filed 1729. We have not read this will yet so do not know if it could be connected to Nathan.  However,  I believe he was probably his father.  There are numerous documents that make a connection.  And if Samuel Philips was his father, than Elizabeth Manadow was his mother.

Cecil county Deed Book 7, page 222 has one of those amazing Cecil county deeds that recount family and connections.  It was written Aug. 30, 1750 and states that Elizabeth Manadow wed Samuel Philips, and had a son Manadow Philips.  It further states that she was the daughter of Peter Manadow and Peter's wife Peternella Carr, daughter of Captain John Carr.    There was a previous Testamentary Proceedings in 1729 liber 28, page 348.  In this Samuel Philips was executor for Peter Manado of Cecil County,  Nathan Philips was one of the two who put up sureties of 50 pounds.  The other was James Forster.  Finally, in Feb. 25, 1748/49 a deed was written where Daniel Pecow sold 130 acres to Johannes Arnest (cordwainer) part of St. John's Manor joining the plantations of Nathan Philips and Mannado Philips.  finally, at his end, Manado Philips witnessed the will of Nathan Philips.

None of this confirms the connection of Nathan and Manadow Philips but it certainly makes it a possibility.  One last interesting bit. On Aug, 4, 1664 Captain John Carr was granted 3000 acres then called St. Johns Mannor.  It was then sold to 10 gentlemen of Cecil County including Peter Manado and John Cozine.  In the Philips family file of the Cecil County Historical Society  is the statement that Nathan Philips married in 1706 Elizabeth Cousins, widow of John Cousins.  she had two sons by Mr. Cousins, George and Richard.  However, re a Cecil County Estate Inventory dated June 23, 1716, of Nathaniel Phillips "who intermarried with Elizabeth Cousyn, widow of John Couzyn," deceased in Cecil county.   So Mrs. Elizabeth Cousyn  was not our Nathan's first wife.

According to Maryland Marriages 1634-1777 Nathan Phillips wed Jane Simcoe on April 18, 1733 at St. Mary Ann's Parish in North East, Cecil County Maryland. As Nathan's known daughter, Elizabeth was a mother in 1741, we do not believe that Jane Simcoe was her mother but Nathan's second wife.

The book, Inhabitants of Cecil County 1649-1774 by Henry C. Peden, lists Nathan Phillips twice. He is shown with Resurvey, 37 acres in 1723 and with Part of St. Johns Manor, 200 acres also 1723. In 1726 there is Part of St. Johns Manor, 97 acres under Nathaniel Phillips. We believe this to be Nathan's son. The book also includes the fact that Nathan Phillips had a servant by the name George Williams in 1729.

Peden also lists those recorded in the Debt Book. Nathaniel is listed with St. John Manor in 1734, 39,49, and 1760. Samuel Phillips is listed with St. Johns Manor in 1739, and 1749. As Nathan Phillips died in 1748 he cannot be confused with Nathaniel Phillips. There is also a Thomas Phillips listed at Raccoons Range, Philips Bottom, in 1734,39, and 1760.

The Maryland Archive's Indexes #1,2,5 all list property held by Nathan Phillips. St. Johns manor, Cecil County dated 1726 was Certificate # 97, Patent 97. Survey 1723, 200 acres was Certificate # 381 (81?). Its previous owner John Carr held land with certificate name of John Pate, from the original St. John's Manor grant sold to Peter Manado..

The New Castle County Delaware Recorder of Deeds show that on August 22, 1723 Nathan Phillips of Cecil County, a Maryland planter received land on the north side of 2nd Drawyers Creek. This would be just north east of Middletown Delaware.

There is a deed held in Cecil County, which says "Elizabeth, daughter of Nathan Phillips". But I did not record which deed. Retrieving that deed is a future project.

We know Nathan Phillips had at least four children and maybe five:
1. Elizabeth Phillips born about 1720 married James Boulden
2. Sarah Phillips, born Jan 1725/26  married Johanes Arreams or Arrants
3. Samuel Phillips
4. Nathaniel Phillips
5. Thomas Phillips?

Nathan Phillips will is in the Maryland Archives, Liber 25, page 407. It is also Cecil County Will Book BB-2, page 47. It states that Nathan Phillips of Elk River left the plantation to wife Jane Phillips. son Samuel Phillips is named as is John Foster, and grandchild John Phillips. After Jane's death the estate was to be divided between James Boulden and Johanes Arreams. One of the three witnesses was Manado Philips.  The will was filed in 1748.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Where and when was Nathan born?

2. Read the Samuel Phillips will.

3. Get the deed in Cecil County which states Elizabeth is Nathan's daughter.

4. What were the birth dates of his children?

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