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  •  This is one of those stories that are on the internet with no documentation.   If it were true, t'would be nice.  Anyone have any documentation???

Hannah Anderson was born in about 1730. Her parents and place of birth are unknown. The Ancestral File said she was born in Caroline County Virginia.

About 1755 Hannah married John Blanton possible in Cumberland, Virginia.

It is suggested that they had four children:
1. James Blanton Sr.
2. John Blanton Jr. wed Sarah Anglia
3. Thomas Blanton born 1758, wed Druscilla Anglia
4. David Blanton






If you know the answer please CONTACT US.


    1. Who were her parents
    2. When and where was she born in Virginia
    3. What are the names and birth dates of all his children?
    4. When and where did she marry John Blanton
    5. when and where did she die?


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