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William Asher was born in 1739 in Culpepper County, Virginia. His parents were John Asher and Nellie.

William wed Anna Bartlett about 1759 in Virginia.

The following are believed to be the children of William and Anna Bartlett Asher:
1. John Asher born 1760
2. William Asher born 1762,
3. Bartlett Asher born 1763, wed Margaret Curry
4. Charles Asher
5. Charlotte Asher (Leta)

William died in July 23, 1780 according to Revolutionary War Records in a battle at the Falls of the Ohio,

 However,  this needs confirmation that our William connecting to the Blackburn family, is the same as the one who died at Falls of the Ohio.



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  1. What was his motherís maiden name.?
  2. Were there other children and what were their names?
  3. What are the birth dates of all the children?
  4. Were Charles and Charlotte twins?
  5. What did William do?
  6. Gather land and tax records.
  7. Was there a will?



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