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John Asher was born about 1715 possible in Scotland. His parents are unknown at this time. Nellie's family is unknown.

John Asher wed Nellie about 1738 but we do not know where. Apparently there was a "Flood of immigration" from Scotland in 1741 due to a renewal of religious persecution in Ulster. One reference states that their oldest son was born in Scotland in 1739 but another says Culpepper County, Virginia.

John and Nellie Asher  had most if not all their children in Virginia. They were named in John’s will. This is believed to be a complete list of Nellie’s children:
1. William Asherst born about 1739 wed Anna Bartlett, died pre 1796, and probably before 1786.
2. Mary born about 1745 wed Francis Brandon
3. Sarah wed James Trussell
4. Susannah wed William Trussell
5. Rachel wed George Kennard
6. Charles born about 1760 wed Elizabeth
7. Mildred born about 1765 wed Guy Bryant
8. Nellie
9. Lilly (Lettie) wed William Bryant
10. Nancy wed Ruben Porch Mitchell
11. Francis wed Catlett Tiffer
12. John E. wed Betsy Burbridge

Nellie died sometime before 1780. John wed a second time to Elizabeth. He resided in St. Marks Parish, Culpepper County. They had at least 3 & maybe 4 more children:
13. Elizabeth born about 1780
14 Rebecca born about 1782
15. Nerraway born about 1784
16. William born about 1786

John Asher made his will on September 28, 1796. It was proved June 18, 1798 in Culpepper county Court Records. An Inventory was recorded with the Court on July 17, 1798. It was clear that this son William, by his first wife Nellie had predeceased him. There was another son William by Elizabeth. Each married daughter was named by her married name. Nellie’s son Walter was listed. She must have had him out of wedlock.

It is not known when Elizabeth died.

 I do not believe this John Asher is connected to my William Asherst.



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  1. Who were John's parents?
  2. Where was he born?
  3. What are the birth dates of all the children?
  4. What was Nellie’s maiden name?
  5. When did Nellie die?
  6. When did he marry Elizabeth?
  7. What was Elizabeth’s maiden name?
  8. Gather land, tax and church records.




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