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John Baird Jr.
was born in 1707 probably in Topenemus Monmouth County, New Jersey. His parents were John Baird and Mary Bedent. Much of this information is from Baird and Beard Families by Peter Forman.

John married Avis Bowne about 1733. They had at least 3 children and probably more. They were:
1. William Baird born c1735, wed Margaret O'Riley Dec 1, 1758, died 1794
2. Zebulon Baird born Jan 28, 1744, wed Lydia Hildreth, died 1826.
3. Bedent Baird born c 1746
others mentioned as possible in Baird and Beard Families were Mary, John Alexander and Elizabeth

His children were young at the time of his death on Feb. 6, 1747. He left a will. His eldest son, William was the only child mentioned by name. He names his two brothers, Andrew and Zebulon, his wife, Avis and Peter Bowne as executors. It is possible that Peter is Avis' brother.

The will is recorded in Book E of wills, page 310 and is located at the state archives. It is probably found with Monmouth County records.

John Baird Jr. was buried in the old Topenemus Cemetery. His tombstone was read "John Baird Jr. Feb. 6, 1747, 40 years and 10 days old". This is recorded in a valued book entitled History of Old Tennent Church written by its 15th pastor Rev. Frank Symmes. It lists Baptisms by Rev. William Tennent Jr. The cemetery was on the site of the original St. Peter's Episcopal Church. When his father John Baird Sr. died 8 years later, he too was buried there. The cemetery no longer exists.
BAIRD, BRANDON, CONNELLY and LOCKE, Families of Western North Carolina and Their Descendants by Billie Ann McDonald Goldwire/1992 (privately printed)

At least 3 of his sons moved to North Carolina probably in the mid -1770s. Their mother Avis had married George Eggers on July 4, 1749. They moved to New York up on the Hudson, but some of their sons joined the Bairds in NC later.




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