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Most of the following information came from The Simon Crowell Family by Judith Jo Linenfelser. Documentation is added where it is known.

Simon Crowell was born in 1732  in Lancaster County  PennsylvaniaHis tombsteon was read in 1931.  both his birth year and death year were on the stone and confirmed with family bible records. His parents were Peter Crowell or or Graul Craul and Catherine (Karena) Denver. Both Peter and Catherine were born in Hesse, now Germany and immigrated Nov. 25, 1740 into Pennsylvania.  Simon was the eldest son born to the Grauls in Germany.   from the surname file Lancaster County Historical Society

The family moved to North Carolina before 1762. Re Mecklenburg County Deeds, Peter and Catharine Crowell sold 100 acres in Anson County NC on Dec. 10, 1762. Peter’s will is filed in Mecklenburg County NC in Oct 1763.

The Mecklenburg Ct. NC. Deed Abstracts 1763-1779, page 290-291 include a sale August 14, 1765 of 200 acres by Simon and Betty Crowell.  The land is noted as being on the Southwest side of the Pee Dee River. So they were wed before that date, bur my guess is not long before that date.  My question  is when did the Crowell purchase the properties they sold? Or did they inherit it from Peter?

                                        Simon Crowell married Elizabeth last name unknown about 1765  probably in Mecklenburg County.  She was                                                 probably born between 1745 - 1750.  They had several children including:
                                        1.  Samuel Crowell  born c1760, wed Margaret Sell, died 1829 in Mecklenburg NC, re Mceklenburg                                                                 Administration Book 2, page 43,
                                        2.  Peter Crowell, born c 1765, wed Catron, died 1811 in Mecklenburg
                                        3.  John Crowell born c1772    wed Isabella McWilliam moved to Georgia
                                        4. Charles Crowell born c 1774, moved to Tennessee > 1840 NC census was taken.
                                        5. Benjamin Crowell born June 12, 1776 in Mecklenburg Ct. wed Elizabeth Moore. He was an early settler of                                                   Caldwell County, Kentucky. He died Dec. 13, 1853 Crittenden Ct. KY.\
                                        6.  George Crowell born 1778,  wed Elizabeth Pryon
                                        7. William Crowell born 1780 in Mecklenburg Ct wed Nellie Smith.
8.  Sarah Crowell, born 1782 wed John Capley, re Mecklenburg Deed , Book 2, page 290

                                        Because of the time breaks between the birth of Samuel and Peter, then Peter and John, I'm guessing there were some                                          daughters born here that never got mentioned. Of course, it could have been sons that had died young.

                                        The Index to theNorth Carolina 1810 Census in Mecklenburg on page 502 includes the family of Simon Crowell                                         in Capt. Moores Area
                                        1 male >45 - it would be Simon
                                        1 female >45 - that would be Elizabeth

Next to them on the Census was Charles Crowell
1 male < 10
1 male 26-44 (Charles)
2 females <10
1 female > 45

A Simon Crowell was on the 1820 census, but with a young boy and no woman.  I do not believe it was this Simon.
According to Judith she died in 1828. 

Simon Crowell died in 1837, a very old man, 106 years old.  He was buried in Emanuel Cemetery, on state Rod 1520, about 1 mile west of US 601 N



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  1. Where did Simon marry Elizabeth?
  2. What was Elizabeth’s maiden name?
  3. What were the names of all their children and birth dates?
  4. Get deed documents NC.



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