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Most of the following information came from The Simon Crowell Family by Judith Jo Linenfelser.  Documentation is added where it is known.

Peter Crowell was born in 1714 in Germany.  He was christened March 5, 1714 in Langenselbold, Hessen Germany.  This large town is just east of Frankfort.  His parents were Conrad Crowell and Magdelene Helene Dietrick.   Source is needed.

Peter married Catharine or Karena ,(one web site said her maiden name was  Denver) probably in Germany and immigrated ut 1740 into Pennsylvania that the ship Loyal Judith Peter Grauel, age 26 from Palatines arrived in Philadelphia on Nov. 25, 1740 aboard the ship Loyal Judith, Lovell Paynter commander. re 30,000 Names of Immigrants in PA by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, on page 142.   He may be our Peter.

The family first lived in Lancaster County PA where their more children were born. The family moved to North Carolina after 1750 and before 1763. Peterís will is filed in Mecklenburg County NC in that October 1763.

Peter and Catharine had at least four sons and probably other children:

1. Simon Crowell born 1732, probably in Germany. His birth year was on his tombstone. He wed Elizabeth last name unknown. He died in North Carolina over one hundred years later.
2. William Crowell born about 1740 in Lancaster PA
3. George Crowell born 1747 in Pennsylvania. He was a Vet of Revolution. He died in Stanly Ct. NC 1837
4. Dietrich Crowell born about 1750 in Lancaster PA lived in North Carolina until 1768.

There is a large gap between Simon and William.  Maybe part of the reason for leaving Germany.

The Mecklenburg Ct. NC. Deed Abstracts 1763-1779, Vol 1, page 713-714 list a sale of 100 acres on Buffelow Creek on Dec 10, 1762 by Peter & Catharine Crowel of Anson Ct..

 Peterís will was written in German, and in poor condition listed only the four sons. Mecklenburg county NC Abstract of Early wills, 1763-1790 by Brent H. Holcomb. there is also an abstract of the will by Herman W. Ferguson, page 263, Unrecorded Wills   He gives the date as Oct. 1763 when Peter Grauel made his will.  His wife, unknowned is mentioned.  and sons George, Dittrich, Simon and Wilhelm Grauel.  The brothers Simon and Wilhelm were given directions to not sell the home without their mother's knowledge and wishes. "but Fillip (Grauel?) should get one more part, nothing else"  William Grauel should have two acres of wheat.  George and Dittrich may have their father's palntation, "if they can gert to it"  and they were to keep their mother in meat, bread, oil and flax every year as long as she lives, and build her a house on the lot if she wants. There may have been daughterís not noted and children who had died previously.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where and when was he born?
    2. Where did Peter marry Catherine?
    3. Get source of Denver name.
    4. What were the names of all their children and birth dates?
    5. Find where Arapahoe might be in Pennsylvania.
    6. Get deed documents in PA and NC.
    7. When did Catherine Die?



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