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Most of the following information came from The Simon Crowell Family by Judith Jo Linenfelser. Also from the website 

Magdelene Helene Dietrick was born about 1690 probably in Hessen Germany.  Her parents are unknown.

Magdelene Dietrick married Conrad Kraul or Graul. about 1710.  By 1714 they were living in Langenselbold Hessen.  and perhaps always had lived there.  It is a large town just east of Frankfort.

Magadelena and Conrad Kraul had one known child:  Peter Kraul christened march 5, 1714 in Langenselbold.

Peter married Catharine or Karena probably in Germany and immigrated in 1740 into Pennsylvania. "Croul Connections" found in rootsweb note that the ship Loyal Judith arrived in Philadelphia on Nov. 25, 1740.  Peter Grauel, age 26 was aboard. He may be our Peter.  Eventually the American family changed the spelling of their name to Crowell.

It is not known when Magdelene or her husband Conrad died.  I don't believe they emigrated.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Where and when was she born?
    2. Where did Magdelene wed?
    3. Were there other children and what were their names and birth dates ?
    4. When did they die?
    5. Need documentation for everything.



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