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Sarah Jane Laughlin was born Jan. 4, 1826 in Caldwell County, Kentucky. This came from the Cemetery Listings of Caldwell County. It gives the birth as well as death date. We believe her parents were Johnson Laughlin and Louisa L. Cook.

Sarah Jane married Sanders Addison Crowell April 24, 1845 in Caldwell County. S. A. Crowell, Benjamin Crowell and Johnson Laughlin witnessed their wedding, from Caldwell County Marriage Bonds From 1809.

Sarah Jane and S.A Crowell. were the parents of at least seven children:
1. Louisa Jane born 1846 wed James Kenaday
2. Sarah E. born 1848
3. Ellender Elizabeth born Dec 27, 1852
4. Benjamin J. born 1854 wed Nancy E. Dunn
5. Robert Wylie born Oct 1856
6. Rachel Julia born Sept 11, 1858
7. Rosannabell born Oct 14, 1860 wed George Walter Blackburn

The 1850 Caldwell County Census lists the family in the 2nd District as follows:
S.A. Crowell 25 farmer born NC
Sarah Jane 24 born KY
Louisa Jane 4 born KY
Sarah Elizabeth. 2 born KY
Elizabeth R. Laughlin 28 born KY (perhaps Sarah's sister)

The 1860 Caldwell county Census lists the family thus:
S. A. Crowell 33
Sarah Jane 33
Eliza 13
Ellen 7
Benjamin 6
Robert 4
Julia 1

The 1870 Caldwell County Census has
S.A. Crowell 44
Ellin 16
Ben 15
Robert 13
Julia 12
Rosa 10 (her full name was Rosannabell)
Sarah 5 - these youngest 3 would have been Martha's children.
William 5
James 3

From website ( we add the information that Benjamin married Nancy E. Dunn.

Sarah Jane Laughlin Crowell died March 15, 1864 and is buried in the Crowell Cemetery.

After her death S.A. Crowell married Mrs. Martha (Williamson) Dickson in 1864.

S.A Crowell. died in 1890 and is also buried in the Crowell Cemetery. It can be found off Nunnswitch Rd near Blackford Church Rd between Tidewater and Shady Grove.



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