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Isabella Miller was born Feb 16, 1679 according to the LDS Ancestral File. Her parents were Symon Miller and Mrs. Margaret  Prosser. There is a great deal written about Symon Miller. Tyler's Quarterly Magazine Vol # lost, page 239 refer to Captain Simon Miller's will held in Essex County, Virginia Clerks' office. Isabella is listed in the will as one of his daughters.

Isabella married William Triplett in 1694 in Richmond County Virginia. Both the Triplett and Miller families were prominent in the history of Virginia. Isabella and William were residents of King George County that was taken from the original Richmond County

Isabella and William Triplett are believed to have had 10 children.:
1. Isabella born 1695 married Captain William Harrison
2. John born 1696
3. William born 1697
4. Elizabeth born 1700 married John James
5. Thomas born 1702
6. James born 1704 married Agatha White
7. Margaret born between 1705 - 1709 married William Monroe
8. Daniel born about 1709
9. Francis born 1710
10. Mary born about 1711 perhaps married Mr. Nichols.

The names and dates are all found on line at the Triplett Genealogy website. Additional materials come from William and Mary Quarterly Volume 21, pages 36-7. The daughters were named by married name in Isabella's will.

William Triplett probably died in 1738. His will was proved December 3, 1738. A reference to that is found in King George Records of the clerk's office although the will has been lost.

Isabella Miller Triplett lived a long time as a widow. Her will was dated April 17, 1758 and proved in King George county, March 6, 1760. This from the William and Mary Quarterly article.



1. What is the source for her birthdate?

2. Confirm sources for all materials.

3. Get a copy of her will

4. Where was she buried.

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