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William Triplett was born between 1667 and 1670 in Old Rappahannock county, Virginia. His parents were Francis Triplett and Abigail Huse.

About 1694 William married Isabella Miller. This was noted in Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607 – 1800 by Dorothy Ford Willfech. It went on to say he was "son of Francis Triplett, the immigrant. Futher proof of the marriage came in Captain Symon Miller’s will proved 1684 in Old Rappahannock that mentioned his daughter Isabella who married William Triplett.

The Triplett family were prominent in Early colonial times. Nearly all of William’s children were active in the church, political and social life of northern Virginia. William was a resident of King George county after it was separated from Richmond county. In 1721 he was appointed to survey land by the county court.

The children of William and Isabella were:
1. Isabella Triplett born 1695, wed first Elias Hore, 2nd William Harrison. She died about 1763.
2. John born 1696, died 1773
3. William born 1697, died 1749
4. Elizabeth born 1700 married John James, she died 1760
5. Thomas born 1702, died about 1737
6. James born 1704 married Agatha White, died 1754-64
7. Margaret born 1705 - 1709 married William Monroe
8. Daniel born about 1709, died after 1752
9. Francis born 1710 married Mary Browne, died March 1, 1767
10. Mary born about 1711 perhaps married Mr. Nichols, died before 1767

The William and Mary Quarterly printed a multipart history of the Triplett Family in Volumes XXI, page 33, 115, XXII, page 175 and also an addendum on page 37 of a later unknown Vol. This information came from there and is supported by other more recent web sites.

The names and dates are all found on line at the Triplett Genealogy website http://people.mn.mediaone.net/jgoepfert/triplett_generations_1.htm The daughters were named by married name in Isabella’s will.

Northern Neck Land Grants lists William Triplett of Stafford County having been granted 300 acres on April 6, 1723. It looks like "Daells runs into Southwest branch of Occohan".

William Triplett died probably in 1738 in Brunswick Parrish. . His will was proved December 3, 1738. A reference to that is found in King George Records of the clerk's office although the will has been lost. The website states that he died December 1728. All other references say "1738".

Isabella Miller Triplett lived a long time as a widow. Her will was dated April 17, 1758 and proved in King George County, March 6, 1760. This is from the William and Mary Quarterly article.







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1. Get land records. He probably was a landowner.


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