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James Parrack was born about 1755. It is not known where he was born or who his parents were. 

James married Mary about 1780. By 1782 they were in Rutherford County North Carolina when he shows up on the county tax record. They may have been there all along. Mary was born about 1760. . This is the conclusion of a Street researcher after following Rutherford Ct and Union Ct. KY census from 1790 to 1850.

Rutherford County NC was created in 1779 from a part of Old Tryon County.  On March 2, 1775 there was a Tryon County grant #303 for 300 acres entered for James Parratt. This could be our James Parrack or a relation.  I would love to make the connection.  The location of the land was on the maple branch of Broad River.  That puts the farm in the area that became Rutherford county.  It was surveyed on Oct. 5, 17 74 and the deed has a drawing of the land.  Tryon county Deed book 25, page 16, found in the Parrack file in Old Tryon Genealogy Society surname file.

They probably had many children but the only three known at this time are
1. Catherine Parrack born 1789 wed Nimrod Street and died in nearly a century later in Union County Kentucky.
2.  James Parrack  born  1790,  left $20 in his will to his sister Catherine Street - birth re 1860 Union County KY Census.
3. Elizabeth Parrack born 1802 wed Dr. James Morehead and she died in 1890.
there is some evidence in Rutherford County that three of the sons were Bazil, Thomas and Samuel.

The 1800 Morgan, Rutherford County NC Census, page 44 has the following family for James Parrack:
1 male <10    (James  the son) age re 1820 c
2 males 10-15
1 male 16-25
1 male 26-44    (James)
2 females <10   ( re the 1810 census they would both probably be under 5)
1 female 10-15  (Catherine)
1 female 26-44. (Mary)
    Thomas and Samuel Parrack would fit it there, leaving one unknown female child.

A receipt from Union County, KY. It reads "Received of G.W. McClure, Administrator of James Parrack deceased, twenty dollars. The amount left to me by the will of James Parrack my brother. The 25th of April 1873. Catharine Street." It is a wonderful document for two reasons. It clearly connects James and Catherine Parrack and it is her handwriting.

The 1810 Rutherford County Census, page 82 has the following family for James Parrack:
1 male 10-15  (James, the son)
1 male >45     (James)
1 female < 10 (Elizabeth)
2 females 10-15
1 female 16-25 - our Catherine is already married with children to Nimrod Street, so who is this?
1 female >45 (Mary)
1 loom, 213 yards of material woven, valued at $106.25.

The 1810 Census has a very interesting addition in Rutherford County, maybe all of North Carolina.  They took records on Homespune and Spirits.
ie how many looms were in the household, how many yards were woven in a year, and it's value.
& how many still were in the household, how much liquor was distilled in a year, and it's value.

The 1820 Morganfield Union County KY Census, page 9 has son James Parrack.  He was not yet married, but head of household of
1 male 10 - 15
1 male 16-25 (James the son)
1 female >45 (Mary, the mother)

The Census data does not fit neatly, but is close and should have more study than I can do right now.

 James Parrack died about 1815 in Rutherford County NC. It is believed that Mary died after 1830 in Union County KY. I believe it very possible she was living with daughter Catherine Street,  Montgomery County Illinois 1830 Census.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Who were James' parents?
2. What was Mary's maiden name and who were her parents?
3. Where were they born?
4. What were the names and birth dates of all their children?
5. Get land documentation.
6. When and where did Mary die?
7.  Resolve the census conflicts.



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