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 With the Brockman family we are reaching as far back as the 14th century. William Everett Brockman wrote A Genealogical chart of the Brockmans. However, his assertions that the Brockman family of Kent have any connection to  Henry Brockman, American emigrant, are not valid. 

The story of Florence St. Leger conforms to what is known about this family by the Kent Brockman genealogist.


Florence St. Leger was born about 1450 in Ulcombe Kent England. Her father was John St. Leger .

Florence married first John Clifford, date unknown.  No children are known from this union. After his death,  Florence married John Brockman or Brokeman about 1473. John took his bride to Essex where the family estate had been granted in 1390. There they had at least two children and probably more:
1. Thomas born about 1475, wed Miss Rochester and is believed to have emigrated to Northern Germany
2. William born about 1480, wed Margaret Chapman. He inherited his fatherís estate,

John Brockman died at Witham, Essex, August 22, 1500. Florence died the same year. Their tombs are in St. Nicholas church, Essex.


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1. What was her motherís name

2. When and where did she marry?

3. Were there other children and what were their names?

4. What caused the eldest son to leave England?


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