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John Stoute was born  about 1580 (maybe 1584) in Nottinghamshire, England.  The birth date and place is given online at Stout Original Ancestors.  However no documentation is given with it.  His parents are given as Thomas Stoute (Staught) and Sarah LNU.

The Nottinghamshire Marriages 1528-1929 state that John Stout wed Elsabeth Bee in 1609 in Burton Joyce in an Anglican service.  Burton Joyce is a lovely tranquil village on the rail line into Nottingham, and on the Trent River    The church of St Helen dates in part from the 13th century and was rebuilt in 1878.

It is reported in many places that John died by 1620 and maybe as early as 1618.  I can only find one child contributed to this couple.  There may be more, but I need documentation.  The one that is repeated in a variety of places including Find a Grave under John Stoute is
1.  Richard Stout - born in Burton Joyce maybe 1610 but by 1618.

There is a story on-line that Richard Stout had a falling out with his father, so Richard enlisted in the British Navy.  After serving about 7 years he was discharged in New Amsterdam (New York) and granted Dutch citizenship about 1643.

Well, if his father died before he was 8 that story makes no sense.  However, I believe the stories that get past down have a kernel of truth - if it can be found.  I don't know what happened to Elizabeth after John died, but perhaps she married again and it was Richard's step father he had an argument with, or perhaps his mother.  The story is the parent wanted him to marry someone he did not want to wed. 

There is no known documentation for the deaths of either John or Elizabeth, - only what is stated in Find a Grave and on a Dutch website:  ie John died 1618 or 1620 and Elizabeth died 1685, with no mention of her remarrying.  No information about where they died either.




If you know the answer please CONTACT US

1. Confirm his birth date, place and parents
2. Did they have children other than Richard?
3. Confirm that Richard was their son and get his birth date.
4. Confirm the death date of both John and Elizabeth
5. Where are they buried?



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