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Richard Stoute was born  about 1625 in Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, England.  The birth date and place is given online at Stout Original Ancestors.  However no documentation is given with it.  His parents are given as John Stoute and Elizabeth Bee.  Burton Joyce is a lovely tranquil village on the rail line into Nottingham, and on the Trent River.

There is an interesting story that is also given on that website that states Richard had intended  to marry a certain woman, but his father objected.  So Richard enlisted in the British Navy.  After serving about 7 years he was discharged in New Amsterdam (New York) and granted Dutch citizenship about 1643.

He met and married Penelope van Princis Kent, an historic heroine of New Jersey shortly thereafter. I  found a personal website by Reba Logue McMillan that lists a number of reference sources for her incredible  story.  Check out her wonderful website

 They had 10-12 children: (all are from Reba McMillan's website)
1.  John Stout born about 1645
2.  Richard Stout born march 10 1645/6
3.  James Stout born 1648
4.  Penelope Mary born in 1650
5.  Mary Stout born about 1650 on Long Island.  Her husband James Bowne was one of the men to negotiate with Popomora, chief of the Nevesink Indians for the Monmouth Patent.
     The Bowne file at Monmouth County Historical Society.
6Deliverance Alice born 1652
7.  Alice born about 1652
8.  Peter Stout born 1654
9.  Sarah Elizabeth Stout born 1656
10. Jonathan Stout born 1660
11. David Stout born about 1667
12. Benjamin Stout born 1669.

I think it very likely that #4 & 5 are the same person as could be #6 & 7.

The Stout and Bowne families were among the very first to settle in Monmouth County, moving there about 1668.  The Stout family soon  moved to Middletown, NJ. where they lived out their very long lives. One puzzling bit of data is that there is a "Names of the Male Inhabitants of West & East Chester  in 1673"  from West Chester (NY) County Historical Society. Richard Stoute is on the list in 1673.  So did he move to Monmouth County after 1673 or was this their 2nd son Richard Stoute, or did our Richard maintain residents in both places?

The Monmouth Patent Part II by Mary Ann Kiernan in the Monmouth county NJ archives pages 12-24 has the early history of Monmouth county.  Richard Stout was certainly a part of that history making.  He owned lot # 6 in Middletown and his eldest son John had an "out-lott #5" 2 miles west of the town.

Richard Stout  died in 1705 at the age of about 80. His will  noted in Unrecorded wills and inventories, Monmouth County NV, page 5, by John e. Stillwell, MD..  The will was dated June 9, 1703.  Richard Hartshorne was one of the witnesses.  It was proved "ye 23th 8ber, 1705"  I'm not sure how to translate that date. It notes his loving wife, (unnamed) Sons Benjamin, John, Richard, James, Johnathan, David.  Daughters Mary, Alice, Sarah, and Daughter in law Marey Stoute, and her sonn John.   Also Mary Stoute, daughter of Peter Stouts.  Executors were John and Jonathan Stout.   Daughter in law Marey must have been the widow of Peter Stout.

 Penelope van Princis Kent Stout lived to 1732, 110 years of age or maybe 90 as there seems to be an additional 20 years added to the story.  It is not known where they are buried.




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