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Jesse Haile was born about 1750 perhaps in North Carolina. He married Maryann about 1773. Her last name is currently unknown. There were Jesse Hails in Halifax County, and Bertie County, NC on the 1790 Census. The 1850 census confirms that 2 of their children were born in North Carolina. By 1802 they all are in Christian County Kentucky, adjacent to Caldwell County where they eventually finish their days. It is not currently known who his parents were.

There are 3 spellings for the name of this family. I will use them as they were used in documents: Haile, Hail, Hayle.

I have a note that I think is from the 1802 Christian county KY tax records. Jesse Haile has 2 males over 21 in his household, Nathan Haile is over 21, and Sampson Haile is over 21. I need to find the documentation for this. It is possible the 2nd male in Jesse Hailes home is Eli Nichols.

They were living in Christian County in 1802 when their daughter Christian Haile married Eli Nichols. Nathan Haile and Eli Nichols signed the marriage bond. Attached is a note that states "Mr. John Clark, Sir, I am willing you should grant Eli Nichols marriage license for my daughter Christian...." and it is signed Nathan Haile and Maryann Haile.
However, it is believed that Nathan was Jesse and Maryann's son and signed for Jesse. It is not know why he could not sign. He lived to 1850..

It is believed that Jesse and Maryann had at least 5 children. They were named in his will noted below. However, nothing more is known about Elizabeth or Priscilla.

1. Sampson born 1775 in NC
2. Nathan, born 1777 in NC, wed Sarah Jenkins and eventually moved to Texas
3. Christian born 1784 probably in NC, wed Eli Nichols July 22, 1802 and died before 1830.
4. Elizabeth Turner,
5. Priscilla Clark

Nathay Hayle had a 400 acre grant on the headwaters of Flynn's Fork Creek in Caldwell County, KY. In 1817 he conveyed 150 acres to Eli Nichols.
Caldwell County Deed Book B, page 418.

The 1820 Caldwell County Census has Jesse Hale with 2 males over 45 and 1 female over 45. I believe Sampson lived with them. they were still together on 1830 Census, with 1 male 50-60, 1 male 80-90 and 1 female 70 - 80. I do believe that it was an error and probably Jesse was just 80 and got into the category by a month or so. Maryann is gone from: Caldwell County, Kentucky Will Book B, page 117 1835-1889/compiled by Brenda Joyce Jerome

                                        Will of Jesse Haile, 22 Nov 1824

                                        Planter. Being very much weak and low in body, but of perfect mind and memory. To be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but                                         at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God. to my well beloved son, Sampson Haile, all my land on which I now live, situated & being                                         on Montgomery Fork of Tradewater; also one bed and furniture. To my well beloved wife Mary Ann Haile, the rest of my household furniture and all of my stock and all the                                             tools that is found to be mine. To my well beloved daughter Christian Nichols, $1. I give to the rest of my children $1 apiece, that is, Elizabeth Turner, Priscilla Clark, and                                             Nathan Haile. Appoint my son Sampson Haile and Turner Carter executors./s/ Jesse (x) Haile. Test: Wright Nichols, Eli Nichols.
                                        Proven by oaths of Wright Nichols and Eli Nichols and rec. 19 Aug 1850.

                                       Note, 24 Jul 1850: To the worshipful County Court - I am unwell and unable from sickness to be personally present at the next term of your honourable Court and being desirous                                        to have the last will of my deceased father, Jesse Haile, recorded, I do hereby authorise a motion to be made in your Court in my name (word illegible) of the executors named                                        in sd. will to have the same proved and recorded and I hereby authorise and empower Wright Nichols of Caldwell County to have the same done in my name and sd. Nichols is                                        hereby authorised to do every thing in the premises, in my name, which I could do were I personally present. /s/ Sampson (x) Hale.

                                       Release of Interest, 19 Aug 1850: I hereby release all right, title and interest in an to any bequest made to me or my wife Christian in the last will and testament of Jesse Hale                                            Dec'd. /s/ Eli Nichols.Test: D. W. McGoodwin.

                                       Will Book B, page 119 Will of Sampson Hail, 15 June 1850
                                       Planter. Being in bad health and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory. To be buried in a decent Christian burial. To my niece, Mary Ann Eison and her heirs, tract
                                       of land on which I now live, containing 200 acres on Montgomery's fork of Tradewater. /s/ Sampson Hail.Test: Thos H. Bashaw, Willis Darnall, Eli Nichol.
                                       Proven by oaths of Thomas H. Bashaw and Willis Darnall and rec. 19 Sep 1850.

                                       So Jesse Hale died in 1850 before June 15th when Sampson made out his Will. Mary Ann Eison was Christian Haile Nichols' daughter. Father and son died a few                                         months of each other. Sampson was 75 years old and Jesse at least 90 and could have been close to 100 years old.

                                      From these documents we also know that Maryann was alive in 1824, but not on the 1830 Census so she had probably died sometime during those

                                      I am very grateful to Linda for sharing the above Wills. She also sent information on Nathan Haile from the Christian Advocate Newspaper, Nashville, TN, 30 Aug 1884:
                                      Nathan Haile, born North Carolina, 1780; son of Jesse and Mary Haile; married Sarah Jenkins (died 1865) and moved to Caldwell Co., Kentucky where he built them                                                   a  large  log house; moved to Texas in 1859; he died in 1859. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Rev. Edward Ashley (died 1833, Lexington, Kentucky).


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3. Where are Jesse and Maryann buried?
4. what became of daughter's Elizabeth and Priscilla?

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