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All names and dates are found in the Hubbard Family Bible

Robert Patterson Hubbard was born on May 25, 1849 in Caldwell County Kentucky. His parents were Nathaniel Hubbard and Sarah Perry. Robert was the 2nd of five children. The family probably lived in the country near Farmersville on a farm. His father died sometime after 1856 and before 1860. Robert was just 11 years old then.

Robert P. Hubbard married Anna Louisa Nichols January 18, 1872 in Caldwell County according to the family bible. However, the 1870 Caldwell Census shows that Robert was living with the Nichols family where "Anna Louisa Hubbard" was 20 years old.

On the 1880 Caldwell Ct Census they were listed in Williams Mill District. The family was made up of:

R.P. Hubbard, age 31 born KY
A.L. age 30, born KY
L.M. age 8, born KY
W. J. age 6, born KY
W.O. age 4, male born KY
L.O. age 2, female born KY

I have the Hubbard Family Bible. It starts with the marriage of R.P.Hubbard to A.L.Nichols on January 18th 1872. The early handwriting is beautiful. If you should want a copy CONTACT US.

This is the names and dates given in the bible for the family.
Robert Patterson Hubbard born May 25,1849
Anna Louisa Nichols Hubbard born May 31,1850
Elmary Hubbard born Nov 12,1872 wed Carl Boucher
Willie Jeff Hubbard born June 23,1874 wed Annie M. Jones. He died Feb. 2, 1902.
Uel Osgar born march 31, 1876 and died Aug 7, 1894 (the death entry spelled Euel Oscar)
Lula Ota born March 28,1878 and died Aug 14, 1879
Mabel Ross Hubbard born April 4, 1880 wed James W. A. Blackburn
Sarah Margaret Hubbard born March 26, 1882 wed Hubert Morse
Joseph Leonard Hubbard born about May 27,1884 wed Matilda Vanderlingen.

Anna Louisa was stricken with cancer and died Oct 17, 1889 leaving 6 children between ages of 5 and 17 with their father.

Robert Patterson was reputed to be a womanizer. He was shot and killed through the window of his house by an irate husband on Jan 9, 1894. The oldest sister was 22 at that time, but the county did not want to leave her responsible for the family. They decided to divide the children up and have them live with various kin in the county. Joe Hubbard, Robertís bachelor uncle, stepped in and offered to live with the family. With the help of Elmary the family stayed together in their home till they were grown. It was beneficial to both parties as Joe now had a home and family. When all the children were grown, Uncle Joe made the circuit living with each for a month or so at a time. They became known in the family as the "Uncle Visits".

Anna Louisa and Robert are both buried in the Perry Cemetery. It is found just off Route 293, about 4 miles northeast of Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky.

Recently, I considered this murder, and asked what happened to the murderer. The answer was that he left the county for a time and then returned to his home. His action was understood within the community and no legal action was taken against him. I do not know his name.



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  1. Get the news article that may tell of Robertís death.



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