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Hans Kirschenmayer was born about 1555 probably in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. A Maier Genealogy was written in the 1930's while a family member was living in Germany. All of this information came from that document. However, I also have a copy of the church records of Bissingen microfilmed by LDS. The handwriting is in old German and the spelling varies but the detail matches what had been discovered in the 1930s.  There is also a CD set of Western European Church records, FHL Film #1055843.  The information on this story comes mainly from that CD, where the old German is already translated. The CD has multiple spellings.  The records were written by a scribe who spelled a name the way it made sense to his ears.  So we have the same man with family name spelled Kirschenmeyer, Kirchenmaier, & Kirschenmeier.  In the story I will use the spelling used in the church record.

There were a number of Kirschenmayers having sons baptized at about the time our Hans was born.  Peter Kirschenmayer had son Hans baptized Jan 26, 1561.  Oddly
Andreas Kirchenmeyer in Bissingen an der Teck had son Joannes baptized Jan 28, 1561.  To continue the Coincidence, both Peter and Andreas had daughters Anna born in 1559.  I cannot find the name of the wife to either Andreas or Peter.  Could they be the same man using 2 different names? These are all to be found on Family Search.org Index Project C92714 Film #1055840.  There was also Michel, Cyriacus and a younger Hans Kirschenmayer during those same years having children in Bissingen an der Teck.

Hans Kirchenmeyer married Anna Ringler about 1582.  They had 2 children: 
1.  Joannes Kirschenmeier born 1583 in Bissingen an der Teck
2.  Joannes Kirschenmeier born 1585 in Bissingen an der Teck
    I cannot tell from the record I have whether the first child died and they used the name a 2nd time, or was this the Christian baptismal name and there were different names for each child.  What I do know is that Anna Ringler Kirchenmeyer died sometime after the birth of the 2nd child and the next year.

Hans Kirchenmeier married a 2nd time to Anna Bawman or Bauman on Nov. 16, 1586.  FHL Film 1055840, covering 1576-1590

Hans and the second Anna Kirchenmayer had 5 known children all born in Bissingen an der Teck. The first would have been his 3rd, thus
3.  Joannes Kirschenmeier born 1587 - same question as above.
4.  Georgius Kirschenmeier born 1590
5.  Son Unknown first name Kirschenmayer baptized July 12, 1592
6.  Catharina Kirchenmaier born March 21, 1595 wed Caspar Meyer Feb 1614.
7.  Ursula Kircchenmayer baptized Feb. 17, 1597
8.  Margretha Kirschenmaier baptized Dec. 31 1601
9.  Barbara Kirschenmayer baptised April 12, 1605

I have a copy of the original church records noted Catharina 's birth.  When Catharina married in 1614 the records listed her father as Hanns Kirschenmeyer.  I'm not sure whether that signified he was still alive or not.  But we know he lived until at least 1605.

In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document we believe it is the Bissingen an der Teck. Later research confirmed this. Close by there is a Dettingen unter Teck. It is the home of other relatives. These villages are south east of Stuttgart.


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    4. When did she die?
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