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Catharina Kirschenmayer was born on March 21, 1595 in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. A Maier Genealogy was written in the 1930's while a family member was living in Germany. All of this information came from that document.

Catharina was the daughter of Hans Kirschenmayer and his wife Anna Bauman probably of Bissingen

She married Caspar Maier in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany. He had previously been married to Catharina Metzingen also of Bissingen. They had no children.

Catharina and Caspar Maier had seven known children, all born in Bissingen.
1. Georg born Dec. 6, 1614.
2. Johannes born November 16, 1616
3. Anna born Feb 2, 1621
4. Ursula born April 21, 1623
5. Johannes born March 25, 1626 married Anna Maria Baur
6. Caspar born Jan. 11, 1630
7. Johann Caspar born may 20, 1632 married Anna Holder in 1661 and he died 1696.

The compiler of this information believes the first four children died in their youth.

In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document we believe it is the Bissingen an der Teck. Close by there is a Dettingen unter Teck. It is the home of other relatives. These villages are south east of Stuttgart.


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