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Caspar Maier was born about 1550 in Bissingen an der Teck, Wurttemberg Germany. He was the first identified ancestor in a long line of Maier's that continue today in Delaware.

A Maier Genealogy was written in the 1930's while a family member was living in Germany. However, I also have a copy of the church records of Bissingen microfilmed by the LDS library. The handwriting is in old German and the spelling varies but the detail matches what had been discovered in the 1930s.

About 1570 Caspar married Appolnia, last name unknown. Ursula and Caspar married almost 300 years before their descendant would emigrant to America from Bissingen They had two children:
1.  Jeorg born  Sept 16, 1571
2.  Balthar born June 24, 1573
All the children from 1558 to 1583 were baptized by Johann Caspar Bohnacker.  It is just lovely how much information can be found in the church records. His name is also found in the Heimatbuch Bissingen an der Teck, page 71, the history of the town.  Unfortunately it is not indexed.

 We assume that Appolnia died within the next few years.The marriage records are written so that when it is a first marriage, the father's name is given.  For subsequent marriages, it just says "previously married".  Such was the case when on March 6, 1577 Caspar Maier married Ursula Kail in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany.

Caspar and Ursula Maier had three known children, all born in Bissingen.
1. Anna born Nov. 24, 1577
2. Balthasar born December 18, 1578. He married Barbara.
3. Caspar born Nov. 6, 1580 married 1st Catharina Metzingen &
                                                          2nd Catharina Kirschenmayer.

In the area around Stuttgart, there are 3 towns that could fit the name "Bissingen". They are Bissingen, Bisingen, and Bissingen an der Teck. After a careful study of the 1930's document we believe it is the Bissingen an der Teck. Close by there is a Dettingen unter Teck. These villages are south east of Stuttgart.



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          1. Who were his parents?
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          3. When did Caspar marry Appolnia?
          4. When did Appolnia die?
          5. What became of the children?
          6. when did Caspar and Urusla die?

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