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Alice Collier was christened March 13, 1599/1600 in Ombersly, Worchester England.  Her parents were Henry Collier and Frances Jones.  The Jones family was of Ombersley.  It is not known yet whether the young Collier family stayed in Ombersly or returned to Henry's home in Feckenham.  By the time Alice was a young woman the Royal Forest around Feckenham had been sold off and turned into farmland.

Alice married George Maris, June 20, 1622 in Bradley, Worchester.  There does not seem to be a Bradley anymore.  Best I can tell it was east of Droitwich and maybe a bit south.  However, most if not all of their married life they lived in Grafton Flyford.  This is a small village east of Worcester.

Alice and George Maris had  6 known children, all or most born in Grafton Flyford.  I have no documentation.  These names and dates were found on the web.
1.  Anne Maris  born c1623
2.  Richard Maris born c1625
3.  Francis Maris born c1628
4.  Elizabeth Maris born c1631
5.  George Maris born c1631, possibly Elizabeth's twin. He wed Alice Wellsmith and immigrated to Pennsylvania.
6.  Mary Maris born about 1638

Alice Collier Maris lived a full life.  She lived 66+ years. They must have been fairly well off for she wrote a will, dated Aug 18, 1664, proved July 7, 1666 in Grafton Flyford.  Again this is from a web source, not actual documentation.  George Maris had died a few years before 1658/9, but by that time all their children were grown.  They are probably buried in the parish church, St. John Baptist of Grafton Flyford.


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