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 The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.
        A note about the Quaker calendar. From the 12th century in England the year began with the vernal equinox, on March 25th. This lasted until January 1752 as the legal and civil year. However, from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. the first of January had been considered the historical beginning for the year. It was customary to use a system of double dating between Jan 1 and March 25, giving both years i.e. 11-8-1747/48. In Pennsylvania, where friends controlled the       legislation for many years, the numerical form of dating was commonly used and sanctioned by law, i.e. eleventh month, 8th day, which would translate to Jan. 8,         1748 in the new calendar. Whenever dates were given with numbers we have left them as we found them.

Mary Collett was born 1651 Swindon Wiltshire, England to George Collett and Elizabeth Corliss.  They were a wealthy Quaker family, but perhaps not when Mary was born.  Before 1664, George Collett moved his family to Clonmell Ireland and they became a wealthy and influence Quaker family in the area.  In 1666 there are 2 George Colletts living on West Gate St. of Clonmell in a thatch, slated house with garden. So we can surmise that is son George also was with him in Ireland.  He was a tanner of hides from the Story of Primitive Hall  By the 1690s Quaker meetings were held in their home for many years.  Clonmell is right on the river Suir, and the city north of the river is in Tipperary, that south of the river is in county Waterbury.

In July 1672 Mary Collett married Christopher Pennock.  It was his second marriage and he had 4 children by his previous wife, Dorothy Harwood.  They ranged in age from 3 - 8 years old.  A hand full for a young woman.

 Mary and Christopher Pennock had 3 children:
1. Mary Pennock born 1673
2. Nathaniel Pennock born 1675, died single 5/10/1697
3. Joseph Pennock born Nov 18, 1677

The Christopher Pennock Genealogy lists a different daughter, Anne who died single in the 1690's. There is also the suggestion by some that the couple had a final daughter Amy.  But I can find no sources yet them.

At any rate the family was living near Clonmel when Joseph was born "at Killhouse".  Apparently the family lived for a while in Cork, which was south of Clonmel on the coastChristopher had been to the Quaker meetings there, being fine or imprisoned 3 times, in 1660, 1666 and 1670.  Then there is record of Mary Pennock being fined in Cork December 1676 for opening a shop on Christmas Day. I would love to know what kind of shop. Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression pg231.

There are multiple stories about the family's emigration to America.  They are similar but having differing specifics. The Christopher Pennock Genealogy mentioned above is one.  There is also an Immigration of the Irish Quakers by Albert Cook Myers, page 280 tells in detail the story of Christopher and Mary Pennock

Basically, George Collet, Mary's father, or possibly her brother, was one of the original Penn Grant purchasers. Christopher Pennock went to Pennsylvania in 1683 perhaps to lay claim to the land. According to the account written, Mary and her children went to Pennsylvania in 1687.  Paul Rodebaugh, historian, in a news article in the Kennett Paper, gave a slightly different account. I don't know his source. He states that the family went to Philadelphia in 1684 but Mary returned to Ireland in 1686. She was either very unhappy there or there were problems with the marriage because she returned to Ireland with her family and raised them in Ireland. Perhaps she was concerned about their education in a very new frontier town.  OR according to A.C Myers the family went to Philadelphia in 1684 together, Mary returned to Ireland and Christopher planned to, but never got around to it and died in America in 1701.  There are two versions of Christopher's death. One stated that he died May 31, 1701 in Talbot County, Maryland. The other states that he died in Philadelphia. 

Whatever the story, it is fairly certain that she was lived in Ireland with her children when Christopher died. George Collet died in 1699 leaving the American estate.  In 1701 son  Joseph Pennock set out to claim his land inheritance from his grandfather but was captured by a French war ship. He was a prisoner of war in France for nearly a year. Finally in 1702 he arrived in Philadelphia and settled into a long and very respected life.

Mary Collett Pennock continued in Ireland until her death which is given as March 2, 1725.  It is possible there are Quaker records to document the various births and deaths given, but I have not seen them.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. When was Mary Collett born?
    2. Get documentation for her marriage and birth of all children.
    3. What was her shop in Cork?
    4. When did the family go to and return from Philadelphia
    5. Why did she leave America?
    6. Where did she die?
    7. what happened to her other children, not Joseph?

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