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 The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.
Elizabeth Corliss was born about 1620. It is believed that she was born in  Swindon, Wiltshire,  Her father was John Corliss of Swindon.  Her mother is unknown. from Society of Friends Registry of Friends Registry of Marriages to 1859 for County Tipperary, Ireland." These records were recorded LATER, not in Wiltshire,England, but in a Quaker record of County Tipperary, Ireland

Elizabeth Corliss married George Collett 1636 probably in Swindon.

Elizabeth and George Collett had the following children.  All born in Swindon, Wiltshire, re the Friends Records of Tipperary.

                                         1.  John Collett born 1638 died before 1696
Francis Collett born 1640 died after 1696
George Collett born 1642 died before 1696
Elisabeth Collett born 1645
Robert Collett born 1646 died after 1696
Stephen Collett born 1648 died after 1696
Anne Collett born 1650
Mary Collett born 1652. She wed Christopher Pennock.

                                         9. Joseph Collett born 1654 died after 1696
Susanna Collett born 1656
Benjamin Collett (no date)

Sometime before 1664 George Collett moved with at least some of his family to Clonmell Ireland.  1659/20 the "Restoration" of the monarchy to British rule, including Ireland, signaled the end of the Cronwell era.   We have no idea why he moved, but as a Quaker, he may have thought there would be less persecution in Ireland.  There was also a depression in the Wiltshire area about that time, possibly brought on my the outbreak of plague.  Why ever, we find  George Collett being one of a group of Quakers being fined for refusing to billet soldiers in Clonmell 1664.  from Ormonde papers held at the Library of Ireland

Elizabeth Corliss Collett is never mentioned, but then women often were not.  She may have died in Wiltshire, or moved with him to Ireland.  We know only that George outlived her.  His will tells us a great deal. It is transcribe in parts on the Pennocks of Primitive Hall website.  Unfortunately it does not include the source.  If you know, please CONTACT US  http://www.pennock.ws/surnames/nti/nti00966.html

The will of George Collett was written in 1696, proved in 1698. No wife is mentioned.  Of the sons, John Collett is deceased, Francis Collett is left 4 pounds a year for life, George Collett is not mentioned, there is a story that he emigrated to Philadelphia, worked there as a glover and died due to an accident in 1687, Robert Collett, "loving son" was to care for his holdings in England, Stephen Collett "loving son was executor and residual inheritor, a skinner of Tipperary, Joseph Collett, "loving son" 1/3 of a mortgage held in Tipperary, Benjamin Collett is not mentioned.  None of the daughters are mentioned, but Mary Collett Pennock's children are mentioned, Elizabeth, Anne, Nathaniel and Joseph Pennock.

George Collett became a wealthy and influence Quaker family in the area.  In 1666 there are 2 George Colletts living on West Gate St. of Clonmell in a thatch, slated house with garden. So we can surmise that is son George also was with him in Ireland.  He was a tanner of hides from the Story of Primitive Hall  By the 1690s Quaker meetings were held in their home for many years.  Clonmell is right on the river Suir, and the city north of the river is in Tipperary, that south of the river is in county Waterbury.

George Collet was one of the original Penn Grant purchasers. and was probably the one who became a glover in Philadelphia and died there.  His holdings were eventually inherited by Joseph Pennock, son of Mary, George's sister. 

We don't know when or where Elizabeth Corliss Collett died.  It would have been after 1656 and before 1696.  I think it very likely that she died in England before 1664. 


If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. When was Elizabeth Corliss born?
    2. Who was her mother.
    3. Get documentation for her marriage and birth of all children.
    4. When was Benjamin born and what happened to him?
    5.  When and where did Elizabeth die?

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