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Mary Gregg was born 1793. The 1850 PA Census gave her age as 56 and that she was born in Pennsylvania.  I believe her father was Isaac Gregg and her mother Emey AllenMary Gregg's youngest son age 26, Samuel Missimer was found  on the 1860 PA Census living with Allen Gregg, age 62, born PA and his family.  I would think it very likely that this could be his uncle, and Mary's brother.  There were many Greggs both in Chester county PA and neighboring New Castle County Delaware.

I found on Ancestry World wide web a listing for Isaac Gregg born 1770 with children:  Allen, Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, and Lydia Grey.  Isaac Gregg died 1822/3 in New Garden Chester County PA.  He left a will in the Chester County Archives #7327   He names his wife, but it is hard to read, Emy?? and the five children mentioned above, plus Ann.  In 1872, Allen Gregg died, leaving no will, also in New Garden.  His Administration File #16912 is also in the Chester county Archives.

Mary Gregg married Cassimer Missimer on March 18, 1814. Her birth name is on their tombstone.  Look below. By the 1850 Pa Census, M 432_764, page 127, the family is living in London Britian, Chester County PA just next to New Garden.PA.  Cassimer is a farmer.  There are still 2 children at home, Margaret age 18 and Samuel D. age 16.  Their son William J. had married in 1849 and was living with his wife's family in Delaware.

Bible Records from the Missimer Bible, published by John B. Perry in Philadelphia FHL #896755 item 1, help establish their children and birth years.
The known family of Mary and Cassimer Missimer were:                        However, there are 3 graves in the London Track Baptist Cemetery, see below that I
John Missimer born 1820, married Hannah                                                believe are also their children:  There were probably children born before 1820.
William J. Missimer born 1825, married Martha Ann Devlin
Thomas Missimer born 1827, married Sarah                                                Elizabeth Missimer, born July 1, 1820, died Aug 13, 1822 (John's twin???)
Margaret Missimer, born 1832                                                                    Susanna Missimer, born 1822, died 1880,became Susanna Russell
Samuel D. Missimer, born 1834                                                                   Joseph Missimer, born Nov. 28, 1823, died July 29, 1824

In 1860 there was a Chester County Orphans Court Document, a letter of Administration for Casimer Missimer #13721, dated April 2, 1860.  It was found at the Chester County Archives.  The letter names William Missimer of New Castle County Delaware Administrator for the estate of Cassimer Missimer of New Castle County, Delaware.  There had been no will for Cassimer found by that time.  However, there is a New Castle County, Delaware Probate record held at the Delaware Archives dated 1858  #RG2545.001 on roll #303. It state that an inventory was made of the estate for Cassimer Missimer on May 31, 1858, "late of Mill Creek Hundred".  William Missimer sold the land listed in 1861.  It was at the intersection of Newport Gap Pike next to Brackin property.  I don't know how he came by this property.  I cannot find where he purchased the property - but he did owe a mortgage of $3000.

I believe that Mary Gregg Missimer died Jan 19, 1853.  Cassimer died in 1858. After her death Cassimer moved in with his son, William.   Both Mary and  Cassimer are buried at London Track Baptist Cemetery in Kemblesville Chester County PA.   Find a Grave has photos of both stones.  Mary's reads "Mary Missimer wife of Cassimer Missimer Departed this life January 19,1853"

                                        We also know that Mary Gregg married Cassimer Missimer and had son William because of his tombstone.  Would they all tell us much

William Missimer died May 11, 1883 and is buried in New London  Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
What is really nice is their tombstone tells their story.  There is a photo of it at  Find A Grave Memorial# 38583263
It is a large stone and reads "William Missimer son of
                                    Cassimer and Mary Gregg Missimer
                                        June 11, 1825 - May 11, 1883
                                     Martha Ann Missimer daughter of
                                          Charles and Hannah Devlin
                                      March 9, 1830 - October 4, 1908
On the reverse side is an inscription "In memory of their Daughter Elizabeth Haines". 

The New London Presbyterian Church was constructed in 1844.  It is still a lovely active church on Rt. 896 near Church Road.


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    1. Were there children born before John?
    2. Find the spouses of all their children.
    3. find the Delaware Deed next to Brackin.


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