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Ellen Logan was born about 1580 in Berkshire England, possibly Bray.  Her father was Simon Logan, Lord of Strode Hall Manor.  Her mother may have been
Elizabeth Forde.

We visited the farm in the fall of 2015 and met the present owner.  He said no one could confirm just where the manor house had been located but showed us into the 500 year old barn.  A marvelous structure totally black from weathering, inside the huge supports and roofing were all made of Oak with Oak pegs.  The roof had been replaced 150 years ago with a tin roof, which may help maintain the structure for many more centuries.

Ellen Logan wed Simon Winch  about 1604.  These were old families of Berks made up of Yeoman and Gentlemen.

          Simon and Ellen Winch' known children are:
          1.  EllenWinch, born between 1605-1611, she wed Thomas Passmore and died 1652.
          2.  Anne Winch, born 1610, she wed Henry Sowthen yeoman of Burnham, Berks Feb. 18, 1631/2 from London Marriage Licences 1521-1869 by Joseph L. Chester and
              John Ward Dean.

          It is not known when either Simon Winch or his wife Ellen died, or where they are buried.

          There was a "Visitation" made in 1665-6 noted in The Four Visitations of Berkshres, by Thomas Benolt.  on page 44, "Fifeld in Bray parish, was Simon Winch gentleman, Entr. 
          I'm not sure what Entr. means. It may be their plea was entered, or perhaps their fee was entered. His age was given to be 30 something.  So he was probably our Simon's
          grandson. so there may have been a son to carry on the family name.

         A visitation was a tour of inspection to establish the right of a person to bear arms.  Simon was turned down in this visitation because of a better claim.




If you know the answer please CONTACT US

    1. Get documentation for all data.
    2. Look for Church records in Berkshire
    3. What are the birth dates of all the children.
    4. When did Simon and Ellen die and where are they buried?

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