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Ellen Winch was born between 1605-1611 in Berkshire England, possibly Bray.  She was the daughter of Simon Winch and Ellen Logan.   This was as old family of Berks made up of Yeoman and Gentlemen.

Ellen married Thomas Passmore between 1628-1633.  He died leaving a will dated December 9, 1652 and proved May 11, 1652.  The will named his wife, Ellen and 7 children.  Ellen was one of the executors and Simon Winch was a witness. "A Quaker Family Through Six Generations The Passmores in America" by Robert Houston Smith 1992 gives the following per this Will.   "5 pound each to Thomas's wife Ellen and children John, Richard, William, Elizabeth, Eidie, Ellen and Thomas. Thomas's wife Ellen and his son Thomas were made executors. Witness were C. Wince and sy (Simon) Winch".   Mr. Passmore was referred to as Thomas Passmor, clothier of Bray.
I don't know who C. Winch is.

         Ellen and Thomas' known children are
         1.  Thomas Passmore, born 1633-36
         2.  William Passmore, born 1633-36, he wed Margery Ball Jan 6, 1654-5
         3.  John Passmore
         4.  Richard Passmore
         5.  Elizabeth Passmore
         6.  Eidie Passmore - this  name was that of Ellen Logans grandmother and was used in every generation.
         7.  Ellen Passmore            

         My thanks to Crystal Cooper who provided the reference and dates on the web.  I found them on a search. 

                                        It is not known when Ellen Winch Passmore died, except it was after May 11, 1652.



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    3. What are the birth dates of all the children.
    4. When did Ellen die and where is she buried?

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