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John Maris was born in Worcestershire England.  Two villages have been sited as the home of the Maris family: Inkbarrow in History of Delaware by George Smith written in 1862 on page 482.  A biographical sketch of John's father, George Maris,  and Grafton Flyford in The Maris Family in England by George and Annie M. Maris. 

Inkbarrow has a parish church, St. Peter's which dates from the 13th century. Grafton Flyford also has an ancient church.  The villages are less than 5 miles apart and both are east of the small city of Worcester.  So either, and maybe both were home to John Maris. He was born 3/21/1669.  He was fifth child of six known to be born to George Maris and his wife Alice. from The Maris Family  Her maiden name may have been Wellsmith, also of Inkberrow. This is from online sources without documentation.   If you have it, share it please. 

In 1683, George Maris brought his family to Pennsylvania.  John would have been about 14 at the time.  They settled in Springfield Township in Chester County, PA. The house he built, Home House is now in Delaware County, PA.  George became a leading member of the community.  The family were Quakers and were very active in the Chester Monthly Meeting.

John Maris married Susanna Lewis at the Haverford Meeting, on 9/21/1693.  That was Susanna's home meeting. They had 11children.  The names and dates below are all from the Chester Monthly Meeting, held at Swathmore Quaker Research Library.  They were:
1.  George Maris, born  6th month, 31st day, 1694, he married Sarah Lewis.
2.  Sarah Maris, born 1st month, 31st day, 1697, she married John Bennet
3.  Alice Maris, born 1st month, 11th day, 1699, died same day
4.  Mary Maris, born 1st month, 9th day, 1701/2, she married Joseph Taylor
5.  Hannah Maris, born  8th month, either 8th or 28th day, 1705,  she married Michael Harlan.
6.  Susannah Maris born 5th month, 10th day, 1704/5
7.  Jane Maris  born 6th month 9th day, 1705
8.  Kathrine Maris, born 5th month, 8th day, 1707
9.  John Maris, born 11th month, 15th day, 1709
10. James Maris, born 2nd month, 28th day, 1711
11. Elizabeth Maris, born 12th month, 12th day, 1713

A note about the Quaker calendar. From the 12th century in England the year began with the vernal equinox, on March 25th. This lasted until January 1752 as the legal and civil year. However, from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. the first of January had been considered the historical beginning for the year. It was customary to use a system of double dating between Jan 1 and March 25, giving both years i.e. 11-8-1747/48. In Pennsylvania, where friends controlled the legislation for many years, the numerical form of dating was commonly used and sanctioned by law, i.e. eleventh month, 8th day, which would translate to Jan. 8, 1748 in the new calendar. Whenever dates were given with numbers we have left them as we found them. Not all the dates above seem to fit the pattern, but I copied what the Monthly Records showed.

John Maris served five terms in the Colonial assembly of which his brothers, George Jr. and Richard were also members

 We don't know where the family lived, but it was most likely in the Springfield area.  There is a deed in the Chester County Book B, page 155 dated 1707.  John Maris was "of Springfield"  he purchased land from Neals Boone Darby.  Right now I don't know where it would be. It would take a trip to the Chester County Archives.

John Maris had inherited "Home House" from his father in 1/8/1747.   He did not get to live there long.  John Maris wrote his will on Sept 13, 1747.  It was proved April 18, 1748. He died at  "Home House".  an Inventory was taken the next day.  The will mentions his wife Susannah, sons, John and George but not James.  it mentions daughters Sarah, Mary, Susannah, Hannah's children, Catherine Pusey, Alice's three daughters.

So it is interesting that Sarah, Mary and Hannah's married names are not mentioned but Catherine's is.  It also suggestions that the Quaker records had the death of new born Alice incorrect, or perhaps daughter's Jane or Elizabeth were called Alice.  These 2 daughters were not named.

We do not know when Susannah died, nor where either are buried.  However, they could have been buried at "Home House" or at the Chester Meeting House.


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