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 Mary Melford
was born about 1565 probably in  in Arnold, Nottinghamshire. It is on the north side of Nottingham.  Today it is a very busy suburban town.  Her parents may have been  Thomas Melford and Dionise.   find a grave site has a short bio on her stating that she was a descendant of King John of England.

Mary Melford wed Humphrey Need, on May 11, 1586. from the Parish Register of Arnold Marriages, transcribed by Thomas Courtney,   I understand copies of the registers may be found at the Nottingham library and at the Nottingham Archives.

Find A Grave states that they had 3 children:
1. Helen Need
2. Agnes Need
3. Humphrey Need baptized 1590.  he married Dorothy in 1615

Humphrey Need became ill and wrote his will  dated 25 July 1591 and proved 7 October 1591 according to find a grave.  His wife Mary was named executrix. He gave her the tuition, governing and bringing up of children Humphrey and Agnes during their minorities. I need a copy of that will.  And what about daughter HelenHumphrey Need was buried in St. Mary's the parish church of Arnold

So young Humphrey was just 1 year old when his father died.  His sisters were probably older.  His father was a Yeoman so they had standing in the community.  The family continued in Arnold where Humphrey Jr. became Constable of the town and was a church warden.  Later he became a quaker and was buried in the Arnold Quaker cemetery.

Mary Melford Need never married again.  She lived 40 years after Humphrey died.  She was buried in St. Mary's cemetery on June 27, 1631.





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1.  Get all official documentation of births and marriages.
2.  Find the St. Mary's cemetery and look for stones of Humphrey and Mary Need.
3.  What about Helen?

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