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Humphrey Need
was baptized  Aug. 15, 1590 in Arnold Nottinghamshire. It is on the north side of Nottingham.  Today it is a very busy suburban town.  His parents were  Humphrey Need and Mary Melford. re Parish Register of Arnold marriages, transcribed by Thomas Courtney.  Humphrey, our subject of this story, is named as son of Humphrey Need the elder, in his will  dated 25 July 1591 and proved 7 October 1591.  His wife Mary was named executrix. He gave her the tuition, governing and bringing up of children Humphrey and Agnes during their minorities. So Humphrey was just 1 year old when his father died.  His sister was probably older.  His father was a Yeoman so they had standing in the community. 

                                        About 1615 Humphrey Need married Dorothy.  His parents marriage is listed in the Parish records, but there is no marriage of our Humphrey Need.  Perhaps he                                             married in Nottingham, as his daughter later did.  

                                         In Magna Carta Ancestry:  A study in Colonial and Medieval Families by Douglas Richardson and Kimball G. Everingham, on page 607 can be found a bio of our                                         study with a lot of detail. Humphrey Need became Constable of Arnold.  It was in the family.  His grandfather, William Need was also a Constable of Arnold and                                             Humphrey's son Nathaniel became a  High Constable of Arnold.

                                        The bio said Humphrey and Dorothy Need had 4 children:
                                        1.  Nathaniel Need,  baptized April 2, 1617  they listed 2 so I'm assuming this first Nathaniel died
                                        2.  Joseph Need was baptized in 1619, re Nottinghamshire Baptism Index 1538-1917
                                        3.  Nathaniel Need, baptized July 8, 1622
                                             Joseph Need was the son of Nathaniel- he emigrated to America in 1686 and died near Chester Pennsylvania 1741. The Paper Makers, page 36, by Jane Levis                                                     Carter
                                        4.  Mary Need born 1624,  wed Christopher Levis.  She died 1664.
 Humphrey was a religious man.  He served as a church warden in Arnold in 1629.  This area was early attracted to the ideals of Quakerism and the Levis/Need families were very much involved.  In a History of Quakers in Nottingham 1648-1948 by James Lomax, on pages 14-15 reports the visits of George Fox to this area, and lists the earliest set of names known to be active elders/preachers etc in 1668.  Humphrey Need is on the list.  According to In the bio, Humphrey became a Quaker in 1647.

Dorothy Need died Aug. 29, 1640.  She was buried in St. Mary's the Parish church cemetery. re Find a GraveHumphrey then remarried July 10, 1641 by license at St. Peter's church in Nottingham, where his daughter Mary would later marry.  His second wife was Anne, widow of Mr. Hawton of Mansfield.

Humphrey Need died 11/8/1668. He died intestate.  He is buried  in the Friends Burial Grounds of Arnold.  His wife, Anne Need "widow" is also buried there.   She died 10/26/1671.




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