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 The Pennock family was a leading Quaker family in colonial Pennsylvania. The descendants are numerous. Three known books have been written about them:
The Pennocks of Primitive Hall by George Valentine Massey II,
The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey, and
Christopher Pennock Genealogy, compiled by Charles A. Rudolph, 1959.

A note about the Quaker calendar. From the 12th century in England the year began with the vernal equinox, on March 25th. This lasted until January 1752 as the legal and civil year. However, from the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. the first of January had been considered the historical beginning for the year. It was customary to use a system of double dating between Jan 1 and March 25, giving both years i.e. 11-8-1747/48. In Pennsylvania, where friends controlled the legislation for many years, the numerical form of dating was commonly used and sanctioned by law, i.e. eleventh month, 8th day, which would translate to Jan. 8, 1748 in the new calendar. Whenever dates were given with numbers we have left them as we found them.

William Pusey I was born about  1680 very possibly in the Berkshires of England.   His "kinsman" Caleb Pusey was one of the first immigrants to Pennsylvania arriving in 1682.  He was a great friend of William Penn, established the first grist mill in the country (well there was a Swedish one that failed)  in Upland, Chester County Pennsylvania. Upland is now in Delaware county which was created from part of Chester county in 1789.  His house still stands and is believed to be the oldest building still standing in PA and the only known one to be visited by William Penn.

The story is told in The Pusey Family by Pennock Pusey written in 1883  that Caleb Jr. and William Pusey arrived about 1700, lived with Caleb Pusey for a while, learned the milling trade before moving on to Chester County where they set up mills.   The elder Caleb went to live with Caleb Jr. when he became old, and in his will named both Caleb Jr. and William as kinsmen.  He died in 1726 a very respected member of the community.

But exactly how Caleb Jr. and our William Pusey are related to the senior Caleb Pusey is not known. There is a detailed discussion of the problem by John Morris on The Pusey Family Home Page found at http://www.gunboatempires.com/genealogy/Puseys.htm    Thus, regretfully, we cannot say who were the parents of our William Pusey I.

From the Chester Monthly Meeting Records, Hinshaw, found at Swartmore college Quaker Library, Vol 1, page 116-117 we know that 7/29, 1707, probably Sept 7, 1707 William Pusey I wed Elizabeth Bowater, daughter of Frances Bowater, widow of Middletown Meeting, PA.  Vol 1, page 11, gives the date as 9/5  Sept 5th.  This may when the banns were read, and the 29th when the ceremony was attended by guests:  Ann Bennett, Lydia Vernon, Randal Vernon, William Brinton, Caleb Pusey, Caleb Pusey Jr., Frances Bowater (the mother), Ann Pusey, Mary Bowater, Thomnas Bowater, Frances Bowater. 

The same MM records give the children and birth dates of William Pusey and Elizabeth Bowater :
1.   John Pusey  born 5/16/1708  (July)   He wed Katharine Maris
2.  William Pusey II born 1/15/1710/11  (March) .   He wed Mary Passmore
3.  Lydia Pusey born 6/16/1713 (Aug).  She wed John Bailey
4.  Joshua Pusey born 11/9/1714 (Jan).  He wed Mary Lewis

The spouses of the children were listed in Descendants of William and Elizabeth (Bowater) Pusey, compiled by Bart Anderson, sound in the Chester County Historical Society library.  They also listed four more children.  
5.  Elizabeth  wed John Baldwin
6.  Jane wed Nathaniel Pennock
7.  Mary wed Joseph Dixon
8.  Hannah wed George Carson

Chester county Orphans court vol 2, page 58 gives us some confirmation on their children:  Elizabeth Pusey, now widow of William Pusey lists her young children Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Hanna and Joshua.  "With her sister Jane Pusey, chose Caleb Pusey and Joseph Pennock as guardians.".  So that neatly completes the list of children.  Now just to confirm their spouses. 

Elizabeth did not have, to my knowledge, a sister Jane.  so "sister Jane Pusey", may have been the child of our William II who chose guardians with her minor siblings.  I believe Caleb Pusey was her uncle who immigrated with William and Joseph Pennock a close neighbor, friend and future father in law of Jane Pusey.  

William Pusey I made an early purchase in 1709 from Andrew Job, Chester County Deeds Book C. page 83.  Pusey's residence is given as Chester, as was Mr. Job.  I don't know what the deed was for. .

William Pusey I purchased 500 acres in Chester County on Sept 5, 1714.  re Chester County Deeds vol 67, page 23, and Vol 73, page 153.    The family moved to London Grove, East Marlborough township, in Chester county 1717  noted in Meeting minutes.   They actually lived first in New Garden, re the Chester county Tax list of 1720.  The 1727 Chester County Tax list has them residents of London Grove. They did not move, in 1723 London Grove was organized and the first taxable list for that town included Wim Pusey and land "Sadbery" for which he aid 17 shillings 10 pence. In 1727 William Pusey sold Sadsbury to Adam Boyd, Chester County Deed Book K-2, page 56.  The deed said "William and Elizabeth Pusey, residents of London Grove  sold...."  but I don't know how much land was sold.  nor where Sadsbury was located.   I have a 1730 map of the Lands Around London Grove meeting house 1700 - 1730.   It shows the boundaries of the townships: including London Grove and new Garden. with the name of all the land owners, where they were located and how much land they held.   Our William Pusey  is just north of the new Garden border into Londongrove and is shown with 200 acres.  There is no Boyd shown.   So I'm not sure where the 300 acres disappeared to.  There is a Sadsbury unincorporated township further north then this map shows.  Perhaps it was there. but they always lived in London Grove, once they left Chester.

There are dozens of Pusey deeds in the Chester County records.  So it was a big name in that county.  Our family continued to be an active Quaker family.  On an 1860 map is shown the Pusey Mill and House at or near an intersection of Woodview Rd and McCue rd.   Very near present day Loch Naire Golf club

                                       William Pusey I was a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1725 and 1726.

                                        There is a Chester County Deed, 1736, Book E4 noting that William Pusey, deceased had land  sold to John Pusey.  Thus by 1736 our William had died and the estate taken over by his eldest son.  I                                                     believe entirely possible that he was buried at the London Grove Meeting Cemetery.   Elizabeth Bowater Pusey died in the spring of 1742, and would have been buried next to William.


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