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Salome Reister was born about 1700. She was very likely from Brotzingen, located on the Enz River in Baden-Durlach, today Baden-Wurttemberg. This is in southwest Germany. Her father was said to be  Andreas Reister. He was listed as a cooper and citizen. Probably being a "citizen" had significance. On line her mother is given as Agnes Steibin, who was Andreas' wife.  However, they wed in 1713, and Salome had to be born before that.  I found some indication that she was born in 1701 in Brotzingen.  Therefore, I believe it very possible that she was a younger sister to Andreas Reister The Germany, Select Marriages 1558-1929, FHL film # 1238241 has the marraige noted below to Michael Messner and her father is listed as Andreas Reister?  More than one Andreas?  or was Salome as child born to a young fling Andreas had in his teens?  Or did he stand in for his father?
lots of questions - any answers?

Salome married Michael Messner, on Feb 22, 1720 in the village church.

They had seven children: Known are
1. Casper Messner, born Feb 21, 1722. He was the eldest.
2. Christian Messner, born March 24, 1724.

In 1737 Michael Messner applied for permission to emigrate.

All of the above information comes from an article in The Press and Journal, Wed. August 15, 1979 titled Our Keystone Families by Schuyler C. Brossman. His information had come from a 3 page brochure on the Michael Messner Family that was then available from Col. J.P. Barnes at 105 Western Sunset Dr., Prescott Arizona 86301.

A book by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, giving the lists of the early German immigrants landing in Philadelphia note that Casper Mesnor, age 16, and Michael Mesnor, age 37, arrived on the ship Friendship Sept 20, 1738. It appears from other such lists that Michael returned to Germany and returned later to Philadelphia, Oct 7, 1749 on the ship Leslie.

No mention is made of Salome's death either from the church records or the immigration records. I believe it possible that Michael Messner may have applied for emigration permission because his wife, Salome had died.



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  1. When was Salome born?
  2. Who was her mother?
  3. When did she die?
  4. What were the names of the other children?

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