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Andreas Reister was born on April 3, 1686. He was very likely from Brotzingen, located on the Enz River in Baden-Durlach, today Baden-Wurttemberg. This is in southwest Germany. He was listed as a cooper and citizen. Probably being a "citizen" had significance. I need to find out what it meant. I do not yet know who her mother was. We don not know who his parents were. He died in this village and his birth date is calculated back from the information given in the village church records. However, we do not know that he was born in this village.

He married Agnes Steibin or Staib on Nov. 28, 1713.  Brotzingen, Pfozheim/Karlsruhe Baden FHL film # 1238214, Marriages. So that makes it very unlikely that they were the parents of Salome Reister. as she married in 1720.  From here we can only guess.  Andreas was listed on Salome's wedding cert. as "father".  Was she the product of a teenage fling?  or was there an older Andreas Reister in the same town or was he her older brother and stood in for her father?  I'm afraid we won't know.  But I'm pretty sure that Agnes was not her mother.

There is a family tree on Ancestry that has Andreas and Agnes Reister with 13 children, including Salome.

At the time of his death on April 8, 1772 he was listed as cooper and widower. We know he had at least one daughter, Salome Reister. She married Michael Messner of Brotzingen on Feb. 22, 1720.

All of the above information comes from an article in The Press and Journal, Wed. August 15, 1979 titled Our Keystone Families by Schuyler C. Brossman.



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