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Susannah Schultze was born Nov. 18, 1763 in Pennsylvania, possibly New Hanover Township Montgomery County to Rev. John Schultze.  Her mother is unknown.  from Bulletin on Historical Society of Montgomery county, Vol 9, page 135, Early Residents and Land Transfers in Pottstown. New Hanover Township later became Lower Pottsgrove Township.  Her birthdate is engraved on her tombstone, noted below.

Susannah Schultze married Henry Brandt Missimer  Feb. 14, 1781 probably in the  Lutheran church founded by her father. Notes found at Montgomery Historical Society say the church was at Hilltop, but I cannot find Hilltop on today's map.

The family were members of Zion Reformed church in Pottstown.  The names and birth dates of their children come from an Ancestry Worldwide tree record that says they came from church records.  The children of Susannah and Henry Missimer were:

1.  John S. Missimer born Jan 21, 1781
2.  Jacob S. Missimer born Aug 27, 1782
3.  Elizabeth B. Missimer born April 22, 1784
4.  Joseph S. Missimer born May 18, 1787
5.  Cassimer S. Missimer born March 4, 1789
6.  Margretha S. Missimer born May 27, 1791
7.  Heinrich S. Missimer born June 15, 179, he died 1843 and is buried in Old Burying Ground
8.  Susann Missimer born Dec. 3, 1796, she died 1799 and is buried in Old Burying Ground
9,  Nathaniel Schultz Missimer born Jan 3, 1799

It is possible that all the "S." stood for Schultz.  It was only listed on the last child born.

In 1787 the young family was listed on the Montgomery Tax, film #330 list as living in Douglass township.  They were taxed for their house, one cow and one horse. That is just north of Pottstown on the county line with Berk countyThe 1798 Tax, film# 372  has them living in New Hanover.  However, they may not have moved.  The two townships today are just next to each other.  Their lines may have been moved a bit by the Tax Collectors 200+ years ago.

The Zion Reformed Church has a cemetery shared by another church.  It is called Old Burying Ground of Pottstown.  Susannah Schultze Missimer died July 12, 1833 and is buried there.  There is a plaque listing all the Missimers buried there that can be found on the Findagrave website


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