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The Story as I Know It

Mansfield George Burgess was born in Rutherford County, Tennessee on January 25, 1838.  His parents were William Edward Burgess and Mary Blanton  Mansfield was the fourth of 8 children.  His mother died while he was a teen ager.  His father remarried and moved the family to Livingston County Kentucky. Mansfield married Roberta Fredonia Ray of that county in 1870.

On June 27, 1870 Roberta F. Ray married Mansfield Burgess at Mrs. Ray's home. Witnesses included Thomas Ward, Owen Wilson and E. Leeper. from the 1870 Marriage Register, Livingston County,KY. This event is also noted in Livingston County-Kentucky Marriages 1839-1871 compiled by Joyce M. Woodyard.   They settled on a farm between Smithland on the Ohio River and Iuka on the Cumberland River.

Roberta and Mansfield  had 8 children:
1.  Charlie W. Burgess, born April 10 1871, died October 10, 1873
2.  Jettie Burgess, born Oct. 24, 1872, wed Leothus Rhea.  She died Sept 23, 1916
3.  Milton M. Burgess, born 1875, he lived in the family homestead until he died in 1950s.
4.  Nellie Burgess, born 1877, ran away - last known where abouts was a letter addressed from St. Louis in the late 1940s.
5.  Mittie Zee Burgess, born Nov 12, 1877 (twin to Nelly or close births?), died Jan 26, 1888
6.  Alfred Duley Burgess, born c1880.  He moved to Georgia and raised Braman cattle and was still alive in 1955.
7.  Alice Pearl Burgess, born c1884, wed Carl Wiggins and lived in Paducah KY, died c 1960.
8.  Betty Beulah Burgess , born Jan 12, 1889, wed James Maddox and lived in Paducah KY, died 1981.

 He was a farmer. Shortly after her youngest child was born, Mansfield died, Sept. 14, 1890.  He was 52 years old.  Milton became the head of the house.  He was the only one of their children to stay in the county.  Roberta died of cancer in 1900.  She and Mansfield  are buried in Lower Leper Cemetery in Smithland.  Livingston Couty Ky Cemeteries 1738-1976, pp. 216.   



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