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The Story as I Know It

William Edward Burgess was born in North Carolina in 1805.  His parents are unknown - so far He apparently used both  names at different times.  He can be found under William as well as Edward. 

Edward Burgess married Mary Blanton  in Rutherford County Tennessee in 1829.  John Burgess was the bondsman.  Was this his father?  Earlier, in 1821
Thomas Burgess
married Sally Blanton.  Are they all related?

Burgess' were in Rutherford county from at least 1830.  There is a suggestion that Edward may have been the son of Edward Burgess who was on the 1820 census with 2 sons between 16 - 26. roll M33_124, page 152. Then on the 1830 census, page 334 our Edward is listed 20-30 years old with a young wife 15 - 20.  Also on the Rutherford Census, page 346 was Jonathan Burgess, also 20-30 with a young family of 3 children and the elder Edward Burgess, page 329 who was close to 50.  This could be the father and his 2 elder sons.  They are all also on the 1840 Census.  The elder and his wife are "in the town" and 60 - 70 years old.  Unfortunately he are not on the 1850 census.

The Rutherford County Tennessee land Grnats compiled by Ernest K. Johns & Susan G. Daniel noted that in Book 17-872 #14895 1867, is a 6 1/2 acres grant recorded March 22, 1838 by Edward Burgess on Armstrong Branch.  It was surveyed Feb . 4, 1837.  It is a very long skinny triangle seeingly only 11 poles wide at its very widest point.  I can't imagine the value of this property unless it secured water rights.  The properties surrounding are for names: Jenkins, Henderson & Manley Armstrong Branch is south of Murfreesboro.  Is this our Edward Burgess or the older gentleman?  in 1849 our Edward owned no land.

The 1850 Census, Rutherford County Tenn, roll M432_894, page 173B taken Sept 19, 1850 lists the family in Sulphur Spring.  They were:
Edward Burgess, age 44 born NC. farmer
Mary (Blanton) Burgess, age 39, born VA
Elizabeth Burgess, age 18, born Tenn
Jas Burgess, age 15, born Tenn
Jno Burgess, age 13, born Tenn
Mansfield Burgess, Age 11, born Tenn
Jane Burgess, age 9, born Tenn
Margaret Burgess, age 7, born Tenn
Frederica Burgess, age 5, born Tenn
Allice Burgess, age 3, born Tenn

The 1860 Census, Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, Tenn, roll M653_1271, page 56, taken Aug 18, 1860  has the following family still at home:
E Burgess age 55 he was listed as "tenant" - he add very little personal worth $300.
M Burgess age 50
M Burgess age 17
F Burgess age 14
Frarsan Burgess age 9
W Burgess  age 7

Allice must have died sometime during those 10 years. I was hoping the take the census was taken would narrow the birthdate of the family members, but it doesn't look like it helps.  They must have been estimating.   Benjamin Blanton was on the next page, on both census'.  Mary's older brother?

                                         From the Rutherford County Tenn Tax Lists 1849, District #9  we find Edward Burgess in the Sulphur Springs area with no land or slaves. Sulphur Springs is on the north side
                                        of Murfreesboro.  Today there is a number of Blanton names used for roads and subdivisions.  Also in District 9 was Benjamin Blanton with 145 acres and 2 slaves.  In district
                                         #21, Busknell Creek area are found Robert and Jonathan Burgess and A.G. Blanton.  So far the connection with these people is not known.

                                        The known children of Edward and Mary Burgess were:
                                        an unknown son from the 1840 census, born 1830-1835. 
                                        1. Elizabeth Burgess born 1832 wed George Wilson
                                        2. James Burgess born 1835
                                        3. Jonathan Burgess born 1837
                                        4. Mansfield Burgess born 1838 wed Roberta Fredonia Ray
                                        5. Jane Burgess born 1841
                                        6. Margaret Burgess born 1843
                                        7. Fredonia Burgess born 1845
                                        8. Allice Burgess born 1847. she died 1854
                                        9. Freeson Burgess born 1851
                                        10. W. Burgess born 1853 (a male, possibly William)

                                        Mary died sometime after 1860.  W. Edward married Alice.  All we know of her is that when she died she was buried in the Leeper Cemetery in Livingston County, 
                                        Kentucky.  Her head stone reads "Alice Burgess, wife of W. E., 25 Jan 1803 - 12 Sept 1877.  It is not known when are where Edward died or where he is buried.



    1. Who is our Edward Burgess father?
    2. What is the relationship, if any to the elder Edward or Edmund Burgess
    3. Find information on all thier children.
    4. When and where did Edward married Alice?
    5. What was Alice's maiden name?
    6. When and where did Edward die?

If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

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