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Elizabeth Hocknell (Hockenhull) was born in Hocknell Plot, Cheshire, England about 1580.  Her father was John Hocknell, mother unknown.  So says an online source, Jacquelyn Bean.  However there is no documentation.  So all needs to be verified. 

Elizabeth Hocknell  wed Anthony Sweetenham about 1604.  He was from  Shadwick Cheshire England.  They had one known child:

1.  Mary Sweetenham born June 1605 in Donegal, Ireland. She wed John Caldwell.

I can find some hints that these assertions are true.  There was a John Hocknell in Cheshire at the right time to be part of this story.  From Marton Marriages 1600-1678,
Cheshire Extracted Records  I find Frances Aston, daughter of Sir Thomas and Dame Elizabeth Aston,wed "John Hocknell, eldest sonne and heyre of John Hocknell of Hocknell in Cheshire".   Searching for Hocknell Plot was unsuccessful, but I did find Tarvin, a smallish village just east of Chester with a Hockenhull Lane.  and just a few miles north was a village

Why the couple went to Ireland isn't known, but again, history tells us that in the late 1500s, early 1600s there was pressure on the nonconformist and there was a movement of Presbyterians to the north of Ireland where they displace local Irish.  The Caldwells were leading Presbyterians by the time they emigrated to America, so this may have been true for our young couple.

It is not known when either Elizabeth or Anthony Sweetenham died. 

Much to learn.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Confirm that she was a daughter of John Hocknell of Hocknell Plot.

2. Who was her mother?

3. When did Elizabeth marry Anthony?

4. Where there other children?

5. When and where did she die?

6.  Why did they move to Ireland?


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