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 All below is unproved.  Anyone with documentation please CONTACT US.

Mary Sweentenham was born in Donegal Ireland June 1605.   Her parents were Anthony Sweetenham and Elizabeth Hocknell.

There is a great deal of interest in the Caldwell family that immigrated to America. They landed at New Castle Delaware on Dec 10, 1727 went directly to Lancaster county PA, and within a few years to Western Virginia.  There they established a Caldwell settlement called Cub Creek.  Mary Sweetenham was said to be an ancestor to this family.

She married John Caldwell 1627 in Londonderry Ireland.  There is so much information about the names and birth dates of their children, I can't believe there is not documentation somewhere. Most of the birth dates are given as "before a date".  It is possibly that there is a baptismal record, somewhere.   I will continue as if there is. John and Mary Caldwell had 7 children:
1.  William Caldwell born before May 10, 1628 in Glendermott, Donegal.  He wed Elizabeth Ann Huston and died 1698.
2.  John Caldwell, Jr. born before Sept 16, 1630 in Ballybogan, Donegal.  He wed first Margaret Porter, 2nd Mary Holmes.  He died before Nov. 18, 1692.
3.  Mary Caldwell  born before Sept 20, 1632.  She wed William Enfield.
4.  James Caldwell born before Nov. 30, 1634 in Londonderry.  He wed Catherine Hume and died 1716
5.  Margaret Caldwell born before May 24, 1636 in Londonderry.  She wed Hugh Delop.
6.  Joseph Caldwell born before April 6, 1638in Donegal.  He died June 1, 1682.
7.  Alexander Caldwell, born before Sept 4, 1639 in Tyrone County, Ireland.  He wed Ann Caldwell.

Glendermott Parish is in Londonderry.  I do not know where Ballybogan is located.

 It is not known when or where Mary Sweentenham Caldwell died.  Obviously, it would have been after Sept 4, 1639.   Her husband John Caldwell died Feb. 19, 1639/40 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh Ireland.  He was buried in Dublin.  Enniskillen is about 60 miles south of Londonderry, and there could be many reasons for him to be there.  But Dublin is much further away, and I find that statement hard to believe.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Confirm all names, dates and relationships.


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