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Mary Holmes was born by June 16, 1632 in what is now Northern Ireland.  One source said Lifford, which is in Donegal.  Another said Londonderry in the Derry Cathedral, which is about 20 miles north of Lifford.  The Cathedral was complete in 1633, so it is entirely possible Ballybogan is mentioned.  All of the sources are third hand. However, some have specific dates and places, so I believe there is documentation somewhere. I will continue to search for real records.  She was the daughter of James Holmes and Jane Scott Jennings.

On June 6, 1654 she wed John Caldwell, Jr. in Londonderry, County Derry.  They were married by John Elwin, mayor of Londonderry.  Present were Alexander Ewing, David McCullen and oters.  With details like these, I do believe records exist.  This was detail was in The Caldwell Family Record Beginning with Hugh Caldwell and Jane Boyd by Anthony Hile.  There is said to be a copy at the Celarfield PA Historical Society.

The had the following children.  Most were said to be born in Lifford, Ballybogan, Donegal and many gave an exact date, but said "before".  I'm guessing that was the baptism date.
1.  Margaret Caldwell, born before Aug 19, 1655
2.  Joseph Caldwell, born Jan 9, 1956/7, he wed Jane McGhie and died pre Sept 3, 1730 in Lifford, Ireland
3.  John Caldwell III, born pre June 10, 1659.  He died in America
4.  Mary Jane Caldwell, born pre Oct 8, 1660.
5.  William M. Caldwell, born  April 20, 1662.  He wed Elizabeth Porter and died pre Oct 20, 1725 in Ballycogan
6.  Andrew Caldwell, born pre Sept 8, 1664.  He died in America
7.  David Caldwell, born about 1666.  He died in America.
8.  Daniel Caldwell, born about 1668.  He died in Ireland

John Caldwell, Mary's husband died in November 1692.  He was buried in Ballybogan Parish, Nov. 18, 1692.  Mary Holmes died in May 1695.  She was buried Mary 14, 1695 also in Ballybogan, Donegal.


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