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The Story as I know it:

Moses Clampitt was born about 1740 in  Delaware.  from Rev. War Service noted in American Genealogical Biography, Vol 29, pg 128.  It is not known who his parents were, but there were many Clampitts in the Missippilon and Murderkill hundreds of Kent county Delaware.  Two Clampetts appear in Greenwood documents of Kent County Delaware that connects the families Greenwood and Clampitt.  That connection continues for decades.  In 1769 Joseph Greenwood and William Clampitt along with Thomas Green Sherriff made bond on the estate of Mary Ann Greenwood.  Then in Nov. 1, 1789 Elijah Berry was name administrator for Jonathan Clampit deceased, Kent County Delaware Court records.  Liber M, folio 207

In many of the records the name is spelled Clampett or Clampet, but when Moses signed documents, he signed Clampitt.

Moses Clampett was a Revolutionary War Vet.  He was a 2nd Lt. noted on the Pay roll of Captain Richard Dallina's Company of the Whig  Battalion of Kent County on Delaware commanded by Colonel the 27th day of October 1777."  found on by Julia Mortenson. 

It is not known who Moses first wife was, but as a family they moved to Rowan County North Carolina by 1787 where he was on the Rowan County Tax list 1787.  He was still in Delaware Aug 10, 1786, so much have moved right after. On the 1786 date he sold property owned by his brother Henry Clampitt who had already moved out of state. He had given Moses, his brother, power of attorney in 1784. 

On the 1790 NC. Iredell County Census we find Moses Clampitt with the following household: 
1 male under 16 (Jonathan?)
2 males over 16 ( Moses & an older son?)
3 females (Elizabeth & Rutha & unknown wife)
no slaves.

We know from the Rev. War Service noted in American Genealogical Biography, Vol 29, pg 128 he had a son Joanthan Clampet
We also know from his will, noted below that he had at least 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Rutha,
that leaves one unknown male over 16 in the household.   There is an Elisha Clampett that shows up in Alabama connected with Rutha's father-in-law, Joseph Greenwood. Perhaps he is the other son.  We can find no direct information on Elisha, except for land records.  Feb. 27, 1827, in the Madison County, Alabama Land file #34 is a mortgage where Joseph Greenwood sold 160 acres to Elisha Clampett for $1 and his debt, $1644.

The children of Moses Clampitt were believed to be:
Moses Clampitt, born c1766-1774
2. unknown son, born c 1766 - 1774 (maybe Elisha Clampitt)
3.  Jonathan Clampitt, born c1775, wed 1797, died 1817. note below
    had son Moses Clampitt born 1799 who became a minister and died 1861 in Portland Oregon.
4.  Elizabeth Clampitt,
wed Mrs. Patrick
5.  Rutha Clampitt born c 1775, wed William Greenwood

The Clampett family moved on to Kentucky after 1790, perhaps as early as 1797.  Jonathan Clampett married in Washington Ct. Ky to another Delaware native Nancy Catlin  on Aug. 14, 1797 re  Kentucky Marriages, 1802-1850.   He died in 1817.

In 1800 Moses Clampet is listed on the Kentucky 1800 Tax List for Lincoln County

It is not known when Moses first wife died, but we believe by 1810 he married a second time to Mary Harrington, widow of  Mr. Harrington.

Sadly there is no 1800 Census in Kentucky.   But the 1810 Lincoln County KY Census, roll 7, page 113 has:
Moses Clampett over 45,
male 10 - 15
female over 45 - probably Mary
2 females 16 - 25 (Rachel and Martha Harrington)
1 female 10 - 15 (Mary Harrington or Patsy Harrington)
    perhaps daughter Mary or Patsy were older and already married.

We believe that Moses children were married and not of his house hold in 1810 and those within the household were Mary's children.

Sheby County Ky Marriages include Rachel Harrington, daughter or Moses and Mary Clampet to Samuel McCameron on Dec 10, 1812
and Martha Harrington, daughter of Mary Clampet, to William Robinson, bond provided by Jonathan Harrington  on March 13, 1813.

Moses and his family probably moved to Shelby county shortly after the 1810 census was taken.  They were still there for the 1820 Shelby county KY Census, pg 167, NARA roll M33_24.
Moses Clampett 1 male >45, 1 female >45.  They were living between Joseph Harrington and Jonathan Harrington, probably Mary's sons.

Moses Clampet's will was dated March 3, 1819 and proved April 1821.  Shelby County Ky Will Book #5, page 114-5.  It names wife Mary, daughters Rutha Greenwood and Elizabeth Patrick.
Wife's daughters Mary, wife of James Staton, Patsey Harlow, wife of Leonard Harlow and Rachel McCameron, and grandson Moses Clampett

Jonathan Clampett's will was dated 1817, Green County, Ky.  We believe Moses was his father and young Moses was Jonathan's son.  I have not read Jonathan's will.

Rutha Clampett married William Greenwood on August 5, 1806 in Lincoln Ct. from Lincoln County Kentucky Marriage Index  We know this is our Rutha and William because the unusual name Rutha appears in the children of Rutha and William and the Clampitt family lives in close proximity to the Greenwood family when they moved on to Trimble county. 

According to a personal record of the Maddox family written by Ernest Greenwood Maddox about 1920, the children of Rutha and William Greenwood were Joseph, John C., Elisha, Isaac, and Moses.  So again we have those family names of Moses, Elisha and Joseph.


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1.  Who were Moses' parents?

2. Who was his first wife and when did she die?

3.  When and where did he meet Mary his second wife?
Was she also from Delaware?

4. Did Moses have more than 2 sons and 2 daughters?

5.  confirm there is a Jonathan Clampett will

6.  How does Elisha Clampett fit into this family?

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