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                     The Story As I Know It:

 Joseph H. Greenwood was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1807 or 08. His parents were William Greenwood and Rutha Clampitt.    A Marriage Notebook of  Oldham County Ky states that he was married to Nancy Peggs on 3/4/1830 in Oldham County Kentucky by Isaac Foster. A Baptist minister from the Bedford Ky area.

The 1830 Census, Oldham County KY lists Joseph Greenwood , 20-30 year old male and 1 female, 20-30.

 They had at least four children. This information came from a document written by Ernest Greenwood Maddox about 1920 as a Personal Memoir of the Maddox family. He listed the known children of Joseph & Nancy Greenwood to be five, however he had a Jennie and Susan Jane.  The Census have only contained 2 girls.  It is possible there was a Jennie who died, or that Susan Jane was also known as Jennie.  The known children are :
1. Susan Jane born 12/28/1830 married John W Maddox in 1855
2. Rutha, born 1835 married Thomas Jefferson Rowlett.  She died 6/25/1929 in Galveston TX
3. William H, he served in the Civil War and probably died from wounds before 1870.
4. John Wesley who  married Missouri Radebaugh. He died died 9/9/1921 in Danville Illinois. .

In the Mid 1830s Joseph took his family to Johnson County Indiana. The U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907, on Ancestry, show that he purchased 40 acres there on
Aug 20, 1838.  They had been in Indiana at least 3 years already, as his daughter Rutha was born in Indiana in 1835.  He son William H. was born in Indiana in 1838, but by 1840 the family is back in Trimble County KY.  Very possibly because Joseph's mother had died, leaving his father and a younger brother at home.  I believe he moved back to help his father.

The 1840 Trimble county Kentucky Census, roll 124, page 329  has Joseph Greenwood as head of the household.  His neighbors are Forees and McIntosh.  Both families played a large part of Joseph's story over the next few decades.  On the 1840 Census we have Joseph with the following family:

1 male under 5 - would be William H. Greenwood
1 male 20 -29 - would be one of Joseph's younger brothers, either Isaac or Moses Greenwood
1 male 30-39 - our Joseph
1 male 50 -59 - William Greenwood
1 female under 5, Rutha Greenwood
1 female 5-9, Susan Jane Greenwood
1 female 30-39 - Nancy Greenwood

William Greenwood married in 1842 and so we have just Joseph and his family on the next census.

The 1850 Trimble County Kentucky Census lists the family as:
Joseph H. Greenwood , farmer, born in Kentucky
Nancy , 42 years old, born in Kentucky ,
1. Susan J . age 18 born in Kentucky
2. Ruthe A . age 15 born in Indiana
3. William H . age 12 born in Indiana
4. Jn W . age 6 born in Kentucky

The 1860 Trimble County Census has them in Winona and adds the county of birth:
Joseph Greenwood , age 52, Farmer born in Lincoln County
Nancy , age 57, born in Henry County
Ruthann , age 25 born in Indiana
William, age 23 farmer, born in Indiana
John age 17, farmer, born in Trimble County

Winona had been called Palmyra.   It is not on Barebone Creek which is west of Bedford.  Winona was northeast of Bedford in the area where the Union Grove church is now located.

In the same county are William and Mary Greenwood ages 80 and 74. William Greenwood is listed as born in Delaware, Mary in Virginia. Early Kentucky Householders 1787-1811, compiled by James F. Sutherland shows that a William Greenwood was in Lincoln County from June 15, 1803 to at least 1808.

Nancy is not on the 1870 census. Joseph  married Catherine McIntosh on  Oct. 1 1865. Another source says 1868 ie Kentucky Marriages 1785-1979 on Family Search.   From her Obituary in the Trimble county Democrat found in the Kentucky Historical Society Library by Julia. I have a copy.   They had 2 children.  One died in infancy, the other, a daughter C.C. Greenwood about 1871.

The 1870 Trimble County, Kentucky census lists Joseph Greenwood , age 63 a farmer, born in Kentucky with real estate value listed as $3000. With him was Catherine Greenwood, age 41, also born in Kentucky. She was his second wife. She is buried in Bedford Cemtery in Trimble County. The marker says "Catherine, wife of Joseph, 10/23/1828 - 10/13/1913".
They had wed on 10/1/1868 In Trimble County.  

A web cousin sent me the following which adds a lot of information about Catherine.

"from the Trimble Co., GenWeb site: 10/9/1913 Miss Sallie McIntosh, of Greenwood, Ind., Mrs. Nan Lattimore, of Oldham, Ky., and Mrs. Catherine Greenwood, of Bedford, were together last week for the first time since their girlhood. The reunion was a sad one, however, owing to the serious condition of Mrs. Greenwood's health. The sisters are 67, 85 and 87 years old respectively. Mrs. Lattimore notwithstanding her age seems to be in fine health, driving through from her home with her son, Joe.

This would indicate that Catherine was a McIntosh. The family of Coleson and Rebecca Johnson McIntosh  did have daughters Sarah whose age agrees, and one named Catherine who were both in the 1850 Trimble census. Next door to the McIntosh family was William and Nancy Latimore, and she was age 23.

Catherine first married William H. Foree and he died in 1865 (buried in the Foree cem.). She must have married Joseph H. sometime after that. She is in the 1880 Trimble census as a widow with a child, Sallie T. Greenwood, b. 1871. Then she met with her sisters on 10/9/1913 and died 4 days later. They had probably been called in since death seemed imminent."

According to Catherine's obit Joseph died 34 years before she did.  That would make it about 1879.

Also, listed on the 1870 census is Mary Greenwood, age 84, born in Virginia. As well as Elisha L. Greenwood age 59, and Moses Greenwood, age 52. According to Ernest Greenwood Maddox, this was Joseph's mother and brothers.  Moses and his wife Mary are buried on the Hampton Farm. 



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