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Augustine Currier was born Sept 15, 1743.  She was the daughter  John Currier and his wife Milliscent Johnson.  The Currier family had been landowners in Cecil County, Maryland for three generations.  The family lived on the Western side of the North East River, just south of the town Charlestown on a plantation named Helena established by Augustine's great grandfather William Currer.

When Augustine was 12 years old, her mother, Milliscent died on  Oct. 7, 1755, just a few days after giving birth to her eighth child, Benonney.  Her father John Currier remarried Nov of the following year, Rosamond Pennington, widow of Thomas PenningtonRosamond had one child, Rachel Pennington, age unknown.

In Nov. 1759, when Augustine, or Teney, was 16 years old, she married Jacob Jones, also of Cecil County.  They were married at St. Mary Anne's Episcopal Church in North East.  However, Jacob was from further south in the county and they made their home church St. Stephen's Episcopal.  It is located south of the Bohemia River near Earleville.  There are a number of court and deed records that show Jacob Jones owning a 300+acre estate called None so Good in Finland.  It was located on the Sassafras River and Back Creek, west of Fredericktown, Maryland.

In the Cecil County Historical Society library Surname File on Currier there is a letter from Mrs. Oliver M. Currier of Havre de Grace, Maryland dated 1975.  In it she describes a Sermon Book given to  Mrs. Loreen Buffum Robinson of Long Beach CA.  The Sermon Book was given to Mrs. Robinson by a 95 year old cousin.  “The Sermon Book is the remains of a book of sermons preached by a Currier preacher in England at the time of Cromwell.  Augustine Currier Jones used this book as a family bible.The birth, death and wedding dates noted above and those of the children of Jacob and Augustine are all found in the Sermon Book. Mrs. Robinson had already sent the genealogical sheets and sermons to the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore in 1975. Cecil County has copies of the family notes made in the Sermon Book.

Children of Jacob and Augustine Jones were:
John Currer Jones born March 30, 1761, in Early Anglican Church Records of Cecil county Maryland by Henry C. Peden, Jr. Pg 42 re St. Stephens records, And Sermon Book
Millicent Currer Jones August 14, 1762, also above references - married Robert Holliday of Duck Creek Delaware
Martha Jones, is in the Sermon Book but date is unreadable.  It is written just after Millicent so assume about 1764.  She married Joseph Greenwood of Kent County Delaware and moved
         to North Carolina about 1785
Jacob Jones   an unconfirmed source says his birth is recorded in the St. Stephen's Parish records as May 26, 1766 and that he married Isabella McKewen at St. Mary Anne's  and moved
         to Illinois, and died there after a second marriage  in 1861.
James Jones
Samuel Jones
Enoch Jones born Oct. 24, 1770 "about 1 o"clock in the afternoon"  The Sermon Book.  I believe he also lived in Duck Creek, but he did not marry Lydia nor die in 1790.  That was an older Enoch.

My favorite will ever is that of John Currier of North East Maryland, June 28, 1792, proved July 16, 1792. Cecil County Will Book EE-5 page 277  This John probably had never married or had children. No wife or children are mentioned in the will.  It is believed that he was a younger brother of Augustine.  He was very specific with his bequests and the relationships.
1.  His four volume set of John Wesley Sermons - went to niece, Millicent Holliday of Duck Creek Delaware.
2.  Martha Greenwood, wife of Joseph Greenwood, Kent County Delaware some amount of pounds (can't read)
3.  Jacob Jones, his track of land, 124 acres, Hukills' Purchase, then after all debts are paid, Jacob gets remainder of estate and is executor.
4.  Enoch Jones, 2 acres with house, " brother to Jacob Jones".  His sons, James and Samuel are also mentioned.
5.  John Jones," brother of Jacob" and Martha Greenwood are to be given the division of some sold property.
The only child of Augustine's not mentioned was Samuel Jones

Augustine died Nov 4, 1770.  The Sermon Book says "November the 4th 1770 Departed this life Augustine Jones, on Winsday about eleven O'Clock at night"  The same sad story as her mother.  It is not known where she was buried, possibly on the estate, but perhaps in the St. Stephens' Cemetery.

On March 9, 1773 Jacob rented None so Good in Finland to Alphonso Comegys.  One of the provisos of the agreement was that Comegys "will provide at his own expense keep maintain and provide for the said Jacob Jones his seven children and will give them a genteel education suitable to their condition and ages and will send his Eldest son John Jones to the freeschool of Cecil County until he shall be master of the Latin language so far as he or they can during the term of the lease."  So we know by that statement, that in 1773 all of Augustine's children were alive.
We do not know why, but assume that Jacob left the family at that time for some reason. 

We do know that within a few years he and probably his children apparently moved to Duck Creek, in Kent County Delaware. The town is now called Smyrna and is less than 25 miles from their Cecil County home.  It is not known why.  He married Rachel Fields, in Kent County, Delaware.  Jan 1, 1776 was an unconfirmed date for their wedding on genealogytrails website.  Jacob and Rachel Jones  had one son Joseph JonesJacob Jones died in Duck Creek, Delaware in March of 1777.  It is not known where he is buried. 
If you know the answer please CONTACT US
1. Find the Sermon book at the Maryland Historical Society
2. What happened in 1773 to cause Jacob to leave his children?

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