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 The Story As I Know It with a great deal of help from Julia Mortenson and Joel Russell. his story is of a man who led   a long, eventful life.  It began in Delaware, but  moves took him to North Carolina, Kentucky, Tenneessee and Alabama  (then the Mississippi Territory).  I believe he had nine children and two wives.  He died in Kentucky at the age of  80+.I've tried to put all known details into his story with the supporting documentation.  There are still open questions which  you will find at the end.  Any alterations you think should be made, please CONTACT US.

Joseph Greenwood was born in Kent County Delaware in March 1755. He served in the American Revolution and his Pension Record provides some of this information. There were many Greenwood families on the Eastern Shore during the late 1600s and 1700s. They probably are all related. It is possible that Joseph's parents were Joseph and Sarah Greenwood. Joseph Sr. was born in Queen Ann County, Maryland but lived in Kent County Delaware. It is believed the parents of Joseph Sr. are Jonathan and Ann Greenwood who lived in Queen Ann's County but owed land in Delaware according to Kent County Land Records as early as 1740. His will names Joseph Greenwood as their oldest child.

Joseph married Martha Jones about 1775. They were married in Kent County DE according to Kent County Marriage Records found in the Delaware Archives A27, page 192. She was listed as Martha Greenwood in the will of Jacob Jones as one of his children. His will is in Probate Records, Kent County Delaware 1777.

Joseph Greenwood was a member of Colonel John Haslet's Delaware Regiment. He served for one year after enlisting on January 15, 1776.  On April 11, 1776 he on on the muster roll of Capt. Charles Popes Co and 1st Delaware Battalion at Lewis. page 50/51.  The very next day he was on the muster roll of Capt. Nathan Adams Co in Dover. page 52 from Delaware Archives, Revolutionary War (3 volumes)

 From June to December of 1777 he served in the Delaware Militia under Colonel William Rhodes. He fought at the Battles of Long Island, White Plains and Princeton. He was home for Christmas, but he entered the Maryland Militia in January 1778 as a substitute for a term of two months. The MD Militia held a draft, Joseph must have replaced someone who had been drafted but could not complete the term. This information is found in the Revolutionary War Pension Record of Joseph Greenwood.

For the complete details of Joseph's service click Military History.

When the Revolution was over Joseph Greenwood moved his family to Rowan County, NC. They lived there from about 1785 to 1797. The 1790 Census of Rowan County NC has him listed in the Salisbury District. The family consisted of Joseph (male over 16), 3 males under 16, and 5 females.   There was a deed made in Aug. 1788 and was  on the Old Moravian Rd next to Joseph Greenwoodpage 549, Deed Book 11, Rowan Co.   Then on Jan 1, 1790 Martin Shikel sold to Joseph Greenwood 614 acres on the head of Tinkers Creek of Abbots Creek, Rowan Ct, Deed Book 14, page 156.
Julia Mortensen was there and tried to find the exact location of the old Moravian Rd.  If you know please CONTACT US.

Rowan County Land Records shows he purchased 90 acres on July 9, 1796. Rowan Ct Deed Book 15, page 93  This is halfway between Greensboro and Charlotte.  Reedy Creek is off the north Yadkin River and may now be in Davison Co.

All the creeks that adjoined Joseph Greenwood land, Reedy, Tinkers Creek can be found near the small town of Welcome.  Reedy Creek is to the West, and Tinkers Creek is just south and maybe east a bit.

Joseph sold all his land in 1797 in 4 separate transactions Rowan Ct Deed Book 16, page 492, 293, Deed Book 17, page 22, 23, making a good profit.

The children attributed to Joseph and Martha Greenwood are:
1. William Greenwood born about 1780 in Delaware married Elizabeth Evans 1800 in Lincoln County KY, 2nd Rutha Clampitt 1806, 3rd married Mary Parham  in KY.
2. Margaret Greenwood born about 1782, married John Boren (Boring) 1802 in Lincoln County KY .
3. Nancy Greenwood born about 1785, married William Anderson 1807 in Wilson County Tennessee .
4. Jane Greenwood born about 1788, married William Hartgroves 1808 in Wilson County Tennessee .
5. Martha "Patsy" Greenwood born Feb 9, 1794 in Rowan County,NC wed July 23, 1809 in Madison County, Mississippi Territory   to Henry Loy.
6. unknown son born  1775-1800 re 1790 NC census noted below
7. unknown daughter born 1788-1809, re Miss territory census noted below
8. unknown daughter born 1788-1809, re Miss Territory census noted below

The 1790 Census data Rowan County, NC roll 637_7, Image 17 actual page says "327"  says the family of Joseph Greenwood 1 3 5
Or one male over 16, 3 males under 16 and 5 females and no slaves.  So the list above is missing 1 son.  It probably included Martha's half brother by Jacob and Rachel Jones, Joseph Jones born probably in 1776 shortly before Jacob died.  Martha and Joseph cared for the baby from "day 1...."
Delaware Probate Record for Jacob Jones, record Aug 27, 1790.

Joseph Greenwood's pension records support his next move to Lincoln County, Kentucky where the family lived for six years. Kentucky Land Owners, 1787 - 1811 lists Joseph Greenwood on the tax list from 1799 to 1803. When Joseph and Martha left Kentucky, they left children behind who married there and stayed there.

The Index to Early Tennessee Tax List shows JosephGreenwood in 1804 paying taxes in Wilson County, Tennessee. He is in Capt. Cannon's Dist #2.  In 1805 William Greenwood is listed not Joseph, in Capt Fanviel's Militia District.  Then in 1806 Joseph is again the one listed with 80 acres. Elisha Clampet is on the same page.  No Greenwood is listed in 1807.

Julia Mortenson makes the following possibility suggestion.  "William Greenwood went to Wilson Co., TN and was there in 1805. The tax man just recorded the tax for him rather than Joseph Greenwood. Why did he go to Wilson County? His wife Elizabeth had just died? Or his mother Martha had just died?  Or neither of these? Then by 1806, William Greenwood went back to KY and married Rutha Clampitt. By 1807, Joseph Greenwood had more than likely already left for Madison County.
The Clampett info in Wilson County shows that the tax man didn't miss much (some things never change...).  So the fact that Joseph wasn't listed in 1807 is a pretty good indication that he had moved on.   We are still not sure who Elisha Clampett is, but Clampett was Rutha's maiden name and it is an unusual name.   He is of the same generation as Rutha, and was perhaps, her brother.

Joseph Greenwood had moved on to Indian land which was to become Huntsville, Madison County, Mississippi Territory.  According to the Madison County Website,  "The first white settlers entered the area in 1804. The area was previously inhabited by Cherokee and Chickasaw Indians. The county seat was established at Huntsville."  It is less than a hundred miles due south from Wilson County, TN.  After a survey by Thomas Freeman it became the Mississippi Territory on 12/1/3/1808.

A census was taken of the Mississippi Territory in 1809 Joel S. Russell says that Joseph Greenwood appears on this Census. The 1809 Madison County Census was published in an edition of Valley Leaves, a publication of the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society based out of Huntsville. However, it contains only the name of head of household.  Recently Julia Mortenson was in Madison County, now Alabama and found the Jan 1809 Census which stated:
Joseph Greenwood, 1 male< 21, 2 males > 21, 3 females < 21, 1 female > 21.

The DAR Library in DC has an Alabama 1811-1818 Census Book "compiled by using Tax lists, etc." on page 009 Joseph Greenwood is listed 1811 in the Mississippi Territory.  However, I did not have a chance to read the microfilm copy.  He is not on the 1820 Alabama Census.

Joel Russell states that Joseph Greenwood appears in a Receiver's ledger, Sale of Public Lands in ledger "A", Book No. 101 as "Joseph Greenwood of Madison Co., M.T. Section 34, Twp 1, Range 1W."  Old Land Records of Madison Co. Alabama by Margaret Matthews Cowart note that on Dec. 20, 1814, 161.2 acres was sold to Joseph Greenwood, certificate #1015.  The land was in the south east of Madison County.

Julia Mortenson compiled the following re Joseph's time in Madison County."

The people who were already on the Indian land could pay a fee and remain on the land until they could buy the land at an auction of Public Lands. At the auction, they could buy the land for a small down payment and then further payments for the land. The land had to be paid off in 5 years. These were called "credit sales". Joseph is listed in the Receiver's Ledger, Sale of Public Lands, Credit Sales, Ledger "A", Book 101. as shown by Joel Russell.  In 1810 Joseph Greenwood of Madison Co., MT (Mississippi Territory) is shown as buying 3 whole sections (each 1 mile square):
1. Sec. 34, Township 1, Range 1 W. This means it was the first township south of the Tennessee line (thus within 6 miles of the line since a township was 6 miles long) and within the first 6 miles west of the Huntsville Meridian. This Meridian runs straight through Huntsville and up Hwy 231. Meridianville is right on the Meridian. The sections are numbered 1-6 from right to left, then down and across left to right 7-12, etc. So Section 34 would be mid-way on the southermost range line. The road running along the bottom of this township was called Grimwood Rd. Then a road goes right up through his section called Matlock Road. I suspect this was his "driveway".
At this same auction, he also bought two more complete sections:
2. Sec. 15, Township 2, Range 1 W. This would basically be just below his other land about a mile away.
3. Sec 22, Township 2, Range 1 E. This piece of land was East of Meridianville on the Flint River, just north of Moore's Mill.
He apparently couldn't make the payments for these pieces of land, so he "assigned" them to other men. He would have been repaid for his payments which he could credit to another piece of land. I'd like to see the actual ledger for these payments. They broke these sections down into 1/4's when they were assigned.
We assume that the female over age 21 in 1809 was Martha but in 1814, Joseph returned to Wilson Co., TN to marry Elizabeth, the widow of Erikus Anderson (who was also on the 1809 MS Territory census).  Joseph bought on credit and kept Sec. 34, T1, R1W beginning in 1810, but full payment was due in 5 years. The records show that shortly after he married Elizabeth, he actually puchased the SE 1/4 of Sec. 34 on 12/20/1814. If Martha died in Madison Co. there is no cemetery record. However, there is a cemetery right on Grimwood Rd. in the next Section called Plainview. It contains several old graves of that time period. There were several field stones as well as unmarked graves, so that may be where she was buried.
Joseph Greenwood stayed in Madison Co. until he sold his land in Sec. 34 to John Mosley 1/10/1828. At this time he moved to Calloway Co., KY. He was 72 years old. In 1832 he applied for a Rev. War pension and listed all the places he had lived. He stated he had lived in Madison Co. for 20 years so this would be 1807-1827. His pension stopped in March, 1836, so he died shortly before that. The Court House in Calloway Co. burned, so no estate information is available.

It is not known when Martha died nor where.   The marriage in Wilson County TN between Joseph Greenwood and Elizabeth Anderson is dated 20 Dec. 1814.   Joseph's daughter Nancy Greenwood married William Anderson in Wilson County TV in 1807.  This shows that there was a relationship between the Greenwood and Anderson family in Wilson County, TN and Madison County Mississippi Territory (MT) at this time.

Also please note that Joseph married Elizabeth Anderson AND purchased the MT property ON THE SAME DAY, 20 Dec 1814. Julia noted that the land office for the Territory was in Nashville TV.  It is speculated that Joseph went to Wilson County, married Elizabeth and then with money received through the marriage purchased the property at the land office in Nashville, just a bit up the road from Wilson County.  Here is the Proclamation assigning Nashville to be the place to sell the new MT public lands 


[GLO:Rec. Proclamations, Pub. Land Sales, 1:C]

                                                                                    [April 5, 1809]


   Whereas by the Act entitled "An Act making appropriations for carrying into effect a treaty between the United States, and the Chickesaw tribe of Indians and to establish a Land Office in the Mississippi Territory" (14) it was enacted "That it shall be the duty of the Surveyor General of the Public Lands, South of Tennessee, to cause to be surveyed and laid out in the same manner as is provided by law, for the other public lands in the Mississippi Territory, so much of the lands ceded to the United States by the Cherokees and Chickesaws, as lies within the said Territory: and the President of the United Sttes is hereby authorized, whenever he shall think it proper, to establish a Land Office for the sale of the said Lands"

14      Approved Mar. 3, 1807

   Whereas I, James Madison, President of the United States, in conformity with the provisions of the Act before recited; do hereby declare and make known, that sales for the public lands in the County of Madison, Mississippi Terry which have been ceded to the United States by the Cherokees and Chickesaws, and are bounded, North by the Southern boundary of the state of Tennessee, Eastrdly by the lands of the Chickasaws and terminating Southrdly on the Tennessee River, shall be held at Nashville in the State of Tennessee, to commence on the first Monday in August, One thousand eight hundred and Nine, and to continue for and during the three following weeks.

  Given under my hand, the fifth day of April, One thousand eight hundred and Nine.

                         Signed,      James Madison   In Aug 2010 this link did not work

The 1830 Census shows Henry Loy in Calloway County Ky.  This was the family of Joseph's youngest daughter, Patsy.  The next listing is for Joseph Greenwood showing the family to have two unknown children:
1 male under 16,
1 female 10 - 15
Joseph and his wife both 70 - 80 years old.

Calloway Co., KY Plat Book: Original land sales, Book 5, p. 111. Joseph Greenwood, #3023 12.14.1832, Q5 13 SW.  This shows exactly where Joseph's land was in 1832.  It is just southeast of Harris Grove and southwest of Murray KY.   Thank you Julia Mortenson for this info.

Joel S. Russell sent the following:

 "Wilford Woodruff who was an early missionary for the Mormon Church in Kentucky wrote the last entries found for  Joseph Greenwood.  In the first section of Three Mormon Classics, which is entitled “Leaves From My Journal”, Wilford Woodruff writes:  "On the 20th of October (1835) I...rode twelve miles to Mr. Greenwood's, who was eighty years old, and had been a soldier under General Washington.  His wife, who was ninety-three years old, I found quite smart, and busy carding wool.  I preached at their house, and baptized both of them."    Woodruff’s journal entry for that day gives some additional information.  It identifies Mr. Greenwood as Joseph, and his wife as Elizabeth who "...well remembered Braddock’s Army."  

Joseph Greenwood appears on the 1835 list of Pensioners for Calloway County, KY and, as stated above, was still alive on the 20th of October1835 when Wilford Woodruff visited him.  Joseph's Pension payment for March 1836 was returned so he most likely died between 20 Oct 1835 and March 1836. "

I am grateful to Mr. Russell,  for this additional information.

Doris Jones Torguson stated online that Joseph Greenwood died in 1836 in Calloway County Kentucky


If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

        1. Confirm the parents of Joseph Greenwood
        2. When did Martha die?
        3. Find names of other children
        4. Check 1800 Census in Lincoln County, Kentucky. 
          The 1790 and 1800 Census were destroyed by fire.  They have been "reconstructed" using tax records.

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