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There is some indication that the emigrant ancestors of Daniel Maddox were John Maddox and Margaret Kent. I have not been able to make a direct connection yet. If anyone has the link please CONTACT US.

Margaret last name unknown was born about 1670.  We don't know much about the early years of this woman.  Not her maiden name, her parents are on which side of the Atlantic she was born.   Her story begins for us the Quaker 6th month, 2nd day, 1686 or Aug. 2, Robert Kent was declared free to marry Margaret ThompsonHinshaw Encyclopedia of American Quakers Genealogy Vol II Page 527.  The PA Marriages Records 1685-1689, noted that on Aug 5, 1686, Robert Kent of Philadelphia, shoemaker, wed Margaret Thompson of Philadelphia, widow at public meeting.  The American Genealogy Biography Index states that Robert Kent was born 1660 in PA.

So we know she had a previous marriage to Mr. Thompson.  However, I cannot find any records to connect to her before 1686.

Her second marriage was short lived, as I assume her first was.  Robert Kent died in 1688, 1st month, 18th date. from the Pennsylvania MM at the Quaker library at Swarthmore College.

The Philadelphia Monthly Meeting has a certificate dated 1690, 1,28 for the marriage of Margaret Kent to John Maddocks.

The Welcome Society of Pa, Penn's Colony vol. 1, page 88-89 says "John Maddocks, joiner, from Nantwich, Cheshire, arrives on Endeavor in 1682, marries Margaret Kent 28 Jan 1690 by Philadelphia (Quaker) Meeting; buys 50 acres in Nether Township, Chester Co., in 1691, sells land 10 Nov 1692; fined for uttering "Scandalous and dishonourable words" against the proprietor (Chester court Records,); moves away, do not know where. "

On 1700,2,28 a John and Margaret Maddox appear in Virginia at a Quaker wedding where they signed a certificate of the marriage held. Henrico Monthly Meeting, page 198. It really helps that the Quakers kept such extensive records. Everyone who attends a wedding signs the certificate. I believe the date is a Quaker date, ie April 28, 1700. Is this our John and Margaret from Chester/Philadelphia?  If not where did they go.

Circumstantial evidence supports that idea. There is the older son John born between 1690 and 1700.  The first son born in Virginia to John and Margaret Maddox was Robert., the name of her previous husband. 

From the St. Peter's parish register of New Kent Ct, Virginia records the children of John and Margaret Maddox listed are:

1. Sarah, baptized Sept 27, 1702,
2. Robert Maddox baptized Feb. 24, 1704/5
3. Susannah, baptized Oct 19, 1707
4. Michael baptized, May 31, 1713
; then we also know
5. Goochland court Orders May Court 1746 named John Maddox, the elder brother of Michael MadoxJohn was born prior to 1701.
6.  Elizabeth Madox married Joseph Woodson about 1709. I believe born 1691-2.  They are constantly connected with family members.  Joseph witnesses land sales of Madox brothers, and puts up security for Michael's Administration. VA Order Book #6, page 422  The couple live next door to John Madox, the elder brother, ie Historical Genealogy of the Woodsons, page 33 by Woodson Morton.
7-8.?  There are other Madox names, William Madox and Wilson Madox connected with the family, but whether they were children of John and Margaret born between 1692 and 1700 or were grandchildren has yet to be determined.

The St. Peter's parish Register notes John Maddox died Jan. 6,1718/19 and Margaret Maddox died Dec. 31, 1718. This was a devastating week for the family.  John would have been about 53 years old and Margaret was perhaps a few years older No will has been found.

Now to firmly connect the John and Margaret Maddocks of Chester County PA to the John and Margaret Madox of New Kent County VA.



If you know the answer please CONTACT US.

1. Who were her parents?

2.  What was her birth name?

3. When was she born and where?

4. If they didn't go to New Kent VA, where did they go?

5. Why did John & Margaret leave the Quakers for St. Peters?

6. Were there other children born before St. Peters besides John and Elizabeth?


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