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James Eli Maddox

1866 - 1949 Kentucky


John W. Maddox

1821 - 1895 Kentucky

William W. Maddox

1787 - 1855  Virginia/Kentucky

Daniel Maddox

 1753 - 1823     Virginia/Kentucky/Indiana

Connection from Daniel to John and Margaret of New Kent Virginia have been confirmed by DNA.  However, the path is unclear.  One in the next group should be the father to Daniel of Charlotte County VA. We believe Daniel's father to be Wilson, a young brother to Michael and Robert.

Wilson Maddox

About 1714 -  1797/1802 Virginia

Jean Gwin
(Mrs. Wilson Maddox)

About 1720 - after 1802 Virginia

David Gwin
about 1690 - 1752 Virginia

The next two were also sons of John and Margaret of New Kent, Virginia. 
Michael Maddox
1713 - 1748 Virginia

Robert Maddox

1704/5 - 1771 Virginia

he may have married Sarah Roberts

There are possibly two John and Margaret Maddox
We know there needs to be a connection to New Kent and the couple there.
There was  a John and Margaret Maddocks, with Nantwich Cheshire England connections who were Quakers.  They disappeared from Chester County Pennsylvania within a decade of when J & M of New Kent appeared in Virginia.

John Maddocks

c1665 -  1718/19
 England, Pennsylvania,  Virginia?

Mrs. Margaret Kent
Mrs. John Maddocks
c1670 - 1718  Pennsylvania, Virginia?

Henry Maddocks c1640 - 1701
 Chesire England, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Kennerley
Mrs. Henry Maddocks

There was a Quaker John Maddochs in London, who was born in Cheshire England and immigrated to New Jersey with his wife Elizabeth.  He has not been connected to the other Maddocks, yet, but his story is compelling and is linked below. 
John Maddox (Maddocks) 1639 - 1700
Great Britain/New Jersey

Mrs. Elizabeth Burnham

Ralfe Maddocks

About 1610 - 1638
Cheshire, England

Margery LNU
Mr.s Ralfe Maddocks
c1610 - after 1639
Cheshire England

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